Why It Is so Important to Monitor Your Website

Being no.1 in a specific field is difficult and no matter the conditions, it requires sacrifices. Nonetheless, it’s ten times more complicated to keep yourself in a leading position. The same idea may be applied to any website, with a good advertising campaign and just a little bit of good luck it may become the favorite of readers and search engine spiders’. The website monitoring and maintenance is a very challenging matter and paradoxically, people and even specialists usually ignore it. Many people interested in having a cool website invest a good amount of money in designing it believing that is just enough. Unfortunately, the launching of a website is only the tip of the iceberg; having a good maintenance is the solution to keep visitors coming back to see the novelties. Google appreciates the trend of being merely under changes, therefore here is another important reason to pay attention to the maintenance of your website.

In this context it’s obvious that there is a great difference between owning a website and owning a high-visited one. The general opinion of the experts is that a good maintenance is depending on the existence of a reliable strategy and this post will present the first steps in establishing it and why it is important to do so. Definitely, you can’t be successful if you don’t have full control over the state of your website. The matter of monitoring is crucial and tips bellow will make you understand and see the big picture of the situation.

1. Any website has unexpected issues


Tips for Getting Started Writing about Web Design

Building your skills as a web designer does not necessarily include writing abilities. You’ll need to practice for months before you can pick up enough grammar and vocabulary to accurately portray ideas in blog posts. Yet all through Google you can find hundreds of popular web design blogs with new content.

In this article I want to share a few tips for writers just getting started in the topic of web design. There are many different types of content you can write including tutorials, opinion pieces, design news, related content, tips/tricks, and so much more. You’ll need to be confident and ready to approach problems head-first. But with enough time and practice anybody can get into writing for the web.

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Why Writers and Designers Need Each Other

While it’s tempting to think of the writing and design as two completely separate disciplines (and in a sense they are), it’s important to remember that they are actually complementary. Design and copy are often depicted as competing with each other, when in reality they are two sides to the same coin.

A partnership between a freelance writer and a freelance designer can be rewarding and beneficial to both parties.

In this post, I’ll explain how writers and designers can benefit from working together. If you enjoyed this post, you may also like The Pros and Cons of a Freelancing Partnership.

Five Sloppy Habits that Can Hurt Your Design Business

Did you know that bad business habits can hurt your freelance design business?

It’s true, bad habits can keep you from earning to your full potential. They can also cost you money if they cause client dissatisfaction.

In this post, we’ll take a look at sloppy business habits you need to break. If you liked this post, you may also like 3 Freelancing “Bad Habits” That Cost You Money.

What You Need to Know About Freelancing Before You Start

Over a fourth of all workers are self-employed according to some studies, and now you want to join them. You’ve decided to become a freelance designer or other freelancer.

You’re especially looking forward to:

  • Not having a boss
  • Picking your own projects
  • Setting your own hours
  • Working from home

But, hold on a minute. You can have all that…maybe. However, if you’re thinking about freelancing design there are some things that you really need to know before you start.

In this post, I’ll list some freelancing details that many bloggers and gurus “forget” to mention. By considering these details up front, you’ll avoid disappointment later on and get more from your freelancing design career.

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40 Photos of Creative Offices & Freelance Workspaces

There’s no denying that Wordpress has become the leading CMS on the market. Anybody looking to launch a simple website would be foolish not to consider WP. It has the largest amount of free themes and plugins – not to mention the huge base of developers working to push out bug fixes every day.

But just working with the default Wordpress options is not enough. That’s why I have this collection of 26 amazing resources for those interested in learning Wordpress. You can find hundreds of free templates & plugins to mess around with. Additionally some web developers have written tutorials on how you can edit code and customize your installation. Spend some time going through these links and be sure to share your thoughts with us in the post discussion area.

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3 Ways WordPress Makes You a More Profitable Web Designer

A lot of web designers – both beginning and advanced – ask me how they can increase their hourly rate.

They want to work fewer hours and make more money so they can have the things they want without sacrificing time with their family and friends.

Some web designers know this is possible, they just don’t know how to do it. Other web designers think it’s a “pie in the sky” kind of dream.

I’m here to tell you, making $125 (or more) per hour as a web designer is not unheard of. In fact, it’s the average rate my students are able to make after completing our training programs at LearnWebDevelopment.com.

For the past 8 years, I have worked with tens of thousands of beginning web designers and, as a result, I’ve developed the best way to start and run a web design business.

For both beginning and advanced web designers, one piece of advice comes up frequently: To increase your hourly income, build your websites in WordPress.

Over the past few years, since I started recommending WordPress, it’s only increased in popularity and demand. It’s gone from a simple blogging platform to the most popular content management system around. It’s so popular that clients are now asking for WordPress websites.

If you’re still not using WordPress to increase your web design income, what are you waiting for? Here are three ways WordPress will make you a more profitable web designer:

What to Do When You Get Sick

Getting sick is no fun for anyone. For a freelance designer (and other freelancers), getting sick (or injured) might spell financial disaster. That’s because freelance designers who don’t work don’t get paid. There’s also the risk of losing a client.

In this post, I examine some of the uncomfortable decisions freelancers must face when they become ill. If you enjoyed this post, you might also like Freelancing During an Illness.