28 Horizontal Scrolling Parallax Websites

Parallax web design has become a technique for designing single-page interfaces with extra pizzaz. Many of these animated parallax effects are stunning and fit perfectly into a typical portfolio or landing page design.

One of the newer trends in parallax design is horizontal scrolling. This has been around for years dating back to flash websites but has since made a resurgence. Now it seems that horizontal scrolling is concomitant with parallax animation, meant solely to create a more distinct user experience.

If you’re designing a custom parallax layout be sure to check out some of the following examples. Each design uses horizontal parallax scrolling in a unique way to both enhance the design and improve content consumption.

Future of Car Sharing

the future of car sharing design homepage

Movement of Data

parallax movement of data website


black5 cookies website design

Hashtags 2014

year in review hashtags 2014

Dzieci sieci

dzieci sieci horizontal scrolling

Natalie Gower Designs

natalie gower design portfolio

Love is in the Air

love in the air 2015 horizontal

Dean Oakley

dean oakley homepage design


fluid rock journey homepage design

Alex Flueras

alex flueras photography portfolio


prabaharan ui ux programmer

Jason Love

jason love horizontal scrolling layout


asiance digital agency website

Anders Drage

anders drage homepage horizontal design

Mariana Onate Cisternas

mariana onate cisternas portfolio layout

Kickstarter in 2014

kickstarter year in review 2014

C.L. Holloway

cl holloway portfolio design layout

Mattie C.’s Boy

mattie c boy book biography homepage

Indi Cowie

indi cowie soccer freestyle homepage

Drug Treatment

alcohol drug treatment horizontal layout

We Shoot Bottles

we shoot bottles homepage layout

Samuel Esteves

samuel esteves webpage horizontal layout

Graphic Therapy

graphictherapy homepage horizontal scrolling

Atanai Plus

atani plus wholesale smartphones

Daniel Sternlicht

daniel sternlicht designer portfolio pixels

Switch Wine

switch wine homepage design scrolling

Robby Leonardi

robby leonardi resume horizontal scrolling

WWF Food Story

wwf food story horizontal landing page

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  1. July 9, 2015

    Nice list of sites with horizontal scrolling layouts.

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