26 Examples of Fullscreen Video Backgrounds in Web Design

The notable trend of fullscreen media has exploded on the web. Images require less bandwidth and also provide a means for rotating backgrounds. However videos provide a very rich user experience – they provide something to immediately captivate the visitor and draw them deeper into a website.

Online creative studios and digital agencies often utilize fullscreen video backgrounds to convey a small piece of their message. This gallery is focused on 26 prime examples of websites utilizing fullscreen videos. Some are built using Adobe Flash while others are embedded using JavaScript. Either way these video effects are unique, enlivening, and definitely on the rise amongst modern-day web designers.


august beta website artists musicians creatives


core4 video background website design layout


bradient downtown los angeles web design agency

Scooma Design

scooma design fullscreen video background

Coulee Creative

coulee creative fullscreen background videos homepage

Joe San Clothing

joe san clothing background video website design

Bienville Capital Management

new york city nyc bienville capital


whiteboard is background fullscreen video webdesign

Risk Everything

homepage fullscreen video background risk everything

Squat Design

squat design homepage studio video background


sketchin homepage fullscreen background video design


spry digital interactive agency website video bg

Various Ways

various ways creating engaging experiences


russian design agency monsorro background video


bkwld video background ui design homepage effect

Story & Heart

story and heart website fullscreen video design


whiteroom design agency video fullscreen effect


net forest background video japanese layout design


aldo shoe getaway fullscreen video landing page


pinkanova video studio production company fullscreen video

Kickstarter Team

kickstarter startup team webpage video background

L’attrape Reve

lattrape reve gallery inspiring video design

Marisa Passos

marisa passos video background ux ui design

theQ Camera

theq camera website fullscreen video design

Pool House Digital

website fullscreen background layout poolhouse digital

Positive Advertising

positive advertising web design video background

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