28 Beautiful uses of Water in Design

Adding a touch of nature to your designs can go along way.  Determining your element may be tricky, but once you find the perfect choice for your particular project, you can use it as a theme for your piece.  Our choice today just happens to be water.  In this post I will share with you 28 beautiful uses of water in design.


Bacardi – Shoot & Fly

Beleza Pura

Burger Autumn Collection

Discovery Channel – Life

Fire & Water

Girl Power

Global Warming


Martini Asti – Elements


Photo Manipulations

Population 0

Rites of Water

Rock Ornaments

Room to Breath

Sea Dragon



No More Room for 2


Unity Submission

Valens Energy Drink

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Matthew Heidenreich

Currently an Art Director in St. Louis Missouri.

22 thoughts on “28 Beautiful uses of Water in Design”

  1. great set, my favorite was the “room to breath” and that “life” poster from discovery channel, because they so many elements inside, but the splashes were also inspiring. Thanks for posting.

  2. it is seriously an awesome work……… the best one according to me is “global warming”….. a rare work one has to watch during his lifetime…..hope it brings awareness among the people….

  3. just unbelievable.never saw the beauty of utility before i saw this.something so divine

  4. so great.the unusual reflections of usual things.thanks for instigating sensitivity in the soul

  5. posters are a great means of communicating the message of saving water.
    I Wish the readers must take a step forward to save water.


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