32 Open Source Plugins for Assembling Image Galleries & Carousels

Free jQuery plugins have given developers access to build complicated systems with little-to-no worries. Pre-built solutions with custom theming offer so much more than free scripts. The plugin system itself was constructed in such a way to provide abstraction for quicker development.

In this article I have put together a brilliant set of free image galleries and carousels. Each one is built on top of the jQuery library and some have alternate dependencies for scripts like Bootstrap. No matter what you need to build, you are bound to find something helpful in this long list of open source plugins.


slidesjs open source jquery javascript plugin slideshow

Tiny Carousel

tiny carousel jquery plugin rotating images


pikachoose jquery plugin open source codes

Owl Carousel

open source carousel plugin jquery download


bxslider jquery open source plugin sliding images


galleriffic demo plugin open source preview homepage


jquery open source unslider plugin screenshot 2013


film roll jquery plugin github open source


s3slider plugin jquery open source homepage demo


fullscreen supersized plugin jquery background fullscreen images photos


open source plugin image rotator blinds transition jquery


least jquery plugin randomized thumbnails image grid


jquery galleryview plugin website homepage freebie


open source jquery plugin swipebox mobile touch responsive


maximage jquery plugin fullscreen image gallery rotation script


adaptor box slider jquery plugin images


cycle2 plugin homepage open source jquery images gallery


heapshot heap shot plugin jquery images photos gallery


horinaja plugin demo jquery screenshot images


refineslide js jquery plugin open source download

Liquid Carousel

basic plugin carousel images rotator script jquery

Easy Slider 1.5

easy slider jquery v1.5 open source download

Infinite Carousel

catch my fame jquery infinite carousel plugin design


free open source plugin craftyslide github jquery

Mosaic Flow

mosaic flow plugin jquery pinterest grid design

jQuery Slider Shock

free image slider rotator plugin jquery shock

Rhino Slider

dark fancy jquery plugin rhino images rotation preview screenshot

Flux Slider

css3 jquery animation transition flux slider plugin


jgallery plugin open source image rotator gallery fullscreen

Juicy Slider

juicy slider jquery free plugin download images


jquery image rotator roundabout projects plugin free

Agile Carousel

free open source agile carousel screenshot

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