34 Pieces of Digital Graffiti for Inspiration

At one point in time graffiti was considered a way to express yourself in a positive way.  This changed when gangs started to abduct graffiti as a way to display gang signs, and mark territory.  While this is still happening, graffiti has taken a positive step forward and turned to the digital era.  In this post I will share with you 34 pieces of digital, and a few traditional pieces of stunning graffiti for your inspiration.





3D Graffiti

A Tribute 2 Music

C4D Graffiti


3D Graffiti AMD Phenom Overclocking

3D Graffiti Droid – Mecha

3D Graffiti Gigabyte Overclocking

3D Graffiti Nvidia Overclocking

Hugo Playground

Just Another Ordinary Day

Lady Caprice in 10 Degrees


Numeric Posters

Polygon Graffiti

Posters. Graphics.

Matthew Heidenreich

Currently an Art Director in St. Louis Missouri.

16 thoughts on “34 Pieces of Digital Graffiti for Inspiration”

  1. My days of using spray paint have been dormant since 1997, as I could get prosecuted as an adult.


    3D computer generated graffiti art back then was unheard of. But along came 3D Studio (before it was 3D Studio Max). Its capabilities to generate 100% accurate perspective views or distorted geometry was like have sex for the first time; lots of exploration and late night fun as I recalled.

  2. Hey Matthew,

    Im diggn your work. I am an ex-graffiti writer and a current landscape architecture student. I am starting to develop my own digital graffiti pieces through 3ds max. Do you have any tips or tutorials and what programs do you find work the best?

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