36 Beautiful Examples of Tattoo Photography

I recently read a statistic that intrigued me:  Nearly 40% of young people have tattoos.  Tattoos have come a long way as far as complexity in the recent years, and have become beautiful ways to showcase your body as a canvas.  In this post I will share with you 36 beautiful examples of tattoo’s in photography.

Afonso, do Real Sucos

Backstage 3

Bodies of Work : Series 2

Bodies of Work – Series 4

Bodies of Work – Series 5

Bodies of Work – Series 1

Cody Dresser


Fab 5 Photography

Fresh 3/4 Sleeve

Girls, Girls, Girls

I See You See (Part II)

Inked Beauty

James Debenham

Mon Petit Poney

Out on a limb

Vilo Krizan

Wait Till I Get My Money Right

Beguiling Images

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Matthew Heidenreich

Currently an Art Director in St. Louis Missouri.

27 thoughts on “36 Beautiful Examples of Tattoo Photography”

  1. Well, I would definitely say “Interesting”, or “Striking” examples, but “Beautiful”?

    NO. 🙂

    Beautiful is not a word that would come to mind here, lol…

  2. Small tatoos are not tatoos 😉

    Some are really beautifull !
    But a lot of them are chaotics without any logic : colored left arm with B&W right arm for example.
    When you decide to use your body like a canvas, you have to foresee the whole design. Otherwise you should at least remain faithful to the beginnings.

  3. By far of the best collections of Tattoo photography I’ve seen on the internet. I love tattoos, I tried to get a tattoo twice and both times it didn’t work.
    One time the artist got arrested the time before and the second time I had to travel. 🙁

  4. Some of them are just covered in too much stuff, and like someone said chaotic as well. It’s just seems like random images pasted onto their bodies. The best ones are simple, minimal, and composed (negative space and flow) well.

  5. I must admit Im becoming more and more a fan of the art of tattoo work, and this only goes to strengthen how beautiful it is..
    now just to make enough only for my sleaves to get done!

  6. @ To John G
    – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some people might not agree in what you think is beautiful! beautiful people with beautiful tattoos and beautiful photography, I think its the perfect title!

    @ Those of you who criticize the tattoo work
    – A, You can’t look at tattoos like photography, (chaotic, composition) obviously you don’t know to much about the art or history of tattoos.

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  8. Looking through all of these images, i was just wondering who the photographers are because all of them aren’t named.
    i’m intending to do a project on tattoos and it would be awesome to be able to contact these people.

  9. So enjoyed this. I have an essay of nudes I’ll be releasing soon and the bodies with the tats are exceptionally interesting and moving. Dig this.

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