40 Creative & Brilliant Illustrations for Inspiration

When viewing other artist illustrations, it gives me a charge to improve my own work.  Creating an illustration can be a hard task since it rely s widely imagination and not so much on standards, so looking at others can help set a foundation for your own pieces.  In this post I will share with you 40 creative and brilliant illustrations for your inspiration.

Abstracts – Tryptich

Adobe Illustrator CS5

Afternoon Tea Party

Alfa Romeo – 100 Year Jubilee


Astra ’05

Banco do Brasil


Digital Illustration Mix

Editorial, Commercial, and Personal Projects

Fantastic Worlds



New Type Works 2

Personal Work Collection

Plakker Album

Hockey Night

Recent Works 2010


Secret ho’ Showcase

Underland (click to view full)


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Matthew Heidenreich

Currently an Art Director in St. Louis Missouri.