5 Essential Office Functions

Creating a unique and inspirational office space is an essential tool to get your employees to put in the long hours. Much has been said of the great work spaces out there, and I don’t intend to beat that same drum. More importantly, I want to break down what makes these offices so special.

1. Make it your own

As you can see below from John Lasseter’s office in Pixar, he has definately made it his own. John Lasseter personally was the director of Toy Story 1 and 2, A Bugs Life, and Cars just to name a few of his accomplishments. Clearly you should not be afraid to make your space yours!

2. Keep it Original

Volkswagen turned what would normally be another factory line into the coolest factory around. Just because what you might be doing may be dirty and greasy doesn’t mean you can’t have design. Just look at the comparison

VS a stereotypical factory line:

3. Make it Fun

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past 10 years then it should be no surprise that working at Google is the place to be. After being voted as the number #1 place to work year after year it’s easy to see why. And yes, pets are allowed.

4. Don’t forget that the goal is to be effective

I realize that Apple stores are not examples of typical workspaces, but nobody can argue the effectiveness of their designs. According to a Morgan Stanley analysis 14% of new visitors to Apple stores turn into customers. I must admit that simply browsing around an Apple store makes me want to open up Photoshop and get creative and I would bet that I’m not the only one.

5. Stay within your budget

The architects at Clive Wilkinson in Los Angeles are a perfect example of keeping it fresh and working within a budget. When building their office the designers were working with a limited budget and had to improvise. What came from their budget cuts is an office space that has been talked about by many. Say hello to shipping containers!

Author Bio: I am a 26 year old internet entrepreneur and co-founder of MOJO-Themes.com. In addition, I have been involved with custom design and development for the past 6 years out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Feel free to contact me on twitter and let me know your thoughts or just say hi! @bradynord.

Brady Nord

Co-founder of Mojo-Themes.com