Beautiful Alcohol Related Advertisements & Designs

Believe it or not, not every alcohol related advertisement throws a beautiful women in front of you and relies solely on it to get you to purchase their product (even though that works very well I must say).  There are actually talented designs that help pull you into the product and cause you to appreciate the image they are portraying.  In this post I will be sharing with you 26 beautiful alcohol related designs.



Absolut Vodka : Swirl

Calendar 2010

Carlsburg – Experimental Ad

Dr. Lemon Vodka & Tequila

Estrella Damm Campaign for Villarrosas


Miller Halloween Ad

Liquid Sculptures

Logos for LB. Brewing Co

Luxury Lemon

Martini – La Vie en Rosato

Miller Midnight

Redd’s – Ekspresja Redd’s

Vodka Postnoff

Matthew Heidenreich

Currently an Art Director in St. Louis Missouri.

  • The one by Absolut Vodka is absolutely psychedelic, I can’t seem to stop myself from staring right into it.

  • Jeremy Kanter

    I can’t believe Kraken Rum ( didn’t make it on here.

  • I love the pink martini one, it looks fantastic and the absolute swirl is really clever design.

  • I really love miller midnight. Thanks for sharing!

  • OOOOOOO Love these!

  • Absolutely brilliant thinking and execution of designing. Thanks for sharing this information.

  • Great collection, alcohol advertising seems to have so much creative freedom… Must be great to work on some of these campaigns. Thanks for sharing.

  • I just love the ABSOLUT adds!

  • Wow! super ads, I wish i could do the same some time..hope:)

  • adam