Beautiful Photographs of Tranquil Scenery in Nature

Our natural world is truly a beautiful place. Photographs are often times not enough to do our Earth justice. But so many photographers have worked to capture the beauty which can be found everywhere. And in this gallery I want to dedicate a series of images which are easily worth 1000 words.

Natural stock photography is a big component of news articles and online magazines because they are easy to fit into headlines. Readers will very easily relate to this imagery and so it can even help to drive inbound traffic deeper into your website. Check out some of these examples and see if you could use any related photographs in your own projects.

Magical Waterfall

waterfall flowers grass greenery shrubs

Chinese Pagoda

chinese gardens structure quiet singapore landscape

Field of Yellow Flowers

pretty yellow grass flowers tuscany italy

Old Dirt Road

umbria italy dirt road to farmhouse

Lake Como

monastero italy lake como overlooking view

Single Tree in Spring

single lone tree in springtime photo

Lake in Romania

romanian europe lake water running

Snow-Covered Mountains

landscape mountains grenbole france snowy landscape

Sea Stones at Sunset

beach water stones sunset at sydney australia

Fishing Boat

sunset fishing boat photo on the lake

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