Examples of Orange in Web Design

Here at DesignM.ag we have done round ups in the past dedicated to more popular of colors such as reds and blues, but in today’s post, we will share with you 22 examples of the color orange in web design.

Eight Hour Day

WebDesign Karlsruhe


Web Design Conference

Fox Classics

Web Design by Designers


The Hickensian

United States Artists


Go Live!

Sam Schick

Lost Type

The Hemsley


Florida After Seven

Nicely Replayed


Cufflink Suite


Jessica Hische

Thrive Solo



Matthew Heidenreich

Currently an Art Director in St. Louis Missouri.

  • i like Nicely Replayed 🙂

  • Good list Matthew but makes me want to put my Crocodile Dundee hat on and say: “Call that orange? THIS is orange: http://www.skyrocket.co.uk” (sunglasses required)… 🙂

  • Waited a lot for this orange colour website collection bt still ain’t enough with only this much…One of the orange website is http://www.designlabnepal.com…Check it out

  • Wonderful color for webdesign! This is also (subtle) orange http://centratissimo.musings.it and this also is mainly orange http://www.albergogiardinetto.it

  • asddsa

    Is it just me, or some of the website don’t contain orange, but rather shades of red?

  • I’m surprised not to see a better example of gray and orange, I always thought that was an interesting combination. Great collection!

  • Nice collection, I’ve used orange on my site too. I’t started to become on of my favorite colors 🙂

  • These are really nice Orange color examples for Web Design 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this article.

  • Awesome dude! Please give me another example about web design. Thanks a lot admin.

  • =)orange is one of the last colors that would come to mind when thinking of web design, but the examples showcased in the post and comments demonstrate that this bright does work really well for some sort of web resources like web design companies.

  • I simply love the US(A)rtists, Fox and Sparkbox.
    Great orange collection! 🙂

  • This is a really nice orange website http://www.dustincurtis.com/press_on.html

  • You have great web design, i like that.
    You have a taste to combine more than 2 colors, awesome design.

  • http://www.spaksu.com/ also include orange and yellow colors.

  • Awesome orange collection, thanks for sharing! Thrive Solo has also a great typo! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  • Nice inspiration 🙂

  • Zia

    Amazing collection..!!

  • Fechu

    Another orange site: http://bambibus.pl/

  • Orange is New Black. Hehe. Nice collection.

  • Ben

    I love working with orange, such a bold colour with great tones and when used properly it can look very professional. Thanks for the list 🙂

  • Orange is a very hard color to incorporate in your designs, Most of this use orange but only a few have really given it some considerable weight,

    that’s just me,

  • Cris

    I think http://www.sapient.com is one of the nicest orange website

  • Gerlinda

    Great list — but not complete without including this website my friends designed:


    Great design, and awesome food too!

  • We’d like to throw our website into the ring for the “use of orange” category: http://www.aztekweb.com/


  • Zora
  • Beautifull websites…

  • The thehemsley website shown in your post just rocks. it’s not only the great colors, look at the “reasons to move back to california”

  • I do like the Coucou site

  • your site collection and his looking too good. You are genius.

  • Great color compilation <3 Try http://www.challengo.met for 70's look with some orange touch.

  • Amazing collection of orange designs.I never thought that even orange can look this cool.

  • Wow!It is very nice and even juicy collection of orange sites. Maybe our website can supplement your round-up.

  • creative orange website i like most The Hemsley, Great collection. Home Improvement

  • very nice collection Matthew

  • I like most The Hemsley too! All of them have good points!

  • Beautiful use of orange! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Nice collection 🙂

  • Awesome designs and portfolio very nice collection

  • Excellent collection, Keep up the good work.

  • very nice collection .Excellent collection, Keep up the good work.