Examples of Solid Colors in Web Design

With today’s trends in web design, it is hard to find websites that don’t incorporate gradients as their focal point.  While gradients add detail, you can still achieve a good look with a less is more approach using solid colors.  This is why I have compiled a list of 30 websites that make good use of solid colors, while not relying solely on gradients.

Project 1000

Advertising Agency

Barista iPhone App

Bounty Bev

Brooklyn Fare


David Fooks

Water Works

Design Instruct

AWP Express

Jacob Lee

Lucia Soto


Manchester Web Design

Massive Blue Web Design


Mix Online


New to York



The Tease

Take the Mic

The Color Cure

Twitter for Business


Shout Digital

Bit Bots

Washtenaw Community College

Yaron Schoen

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Matthew Heidenreich

Currently an Art Director in St. Louis Missouri.

  • Nice roundup!

  • And this one : http://darky-ben.fr/
    (can contain many “solid colors” if you click on the title)

  • I’m currently in the process of redesigning and realigning my website, and I’ve used flat colours in there. It feels so refreshing, and you know it’s going to last longer than the web 2.0 trend that’s been going on for years!

  • Those websites are gorgeous. It must have taken you a while to compile them together.

  • I read your blog. I found it interesting and want to suggest some more key elements in professional web designing. the color and design, Logo, content and images, and cross browser compatibility should be checked thoroughly…..Really good templates are ,Really nice Good creativity of yours…!!

  • I love solids! Fed up with gradients? Go for hard colors 🙂
    That’s why I did solid om my website…

  • I love solid colors lately. May be because of too much of flashy and web2 concepts out there… I’ve used solid colors in my own portfolio as well. I’ve loved…

  • I love solid colors lately. May be because of too much of flashy and web2 concepts out there… I’ve used solid colors in my own portfolio as well. I’ve loved…

  • Nice Collection Love it lot!

  • good stuff… nice work

  • I do hold unconditional love for solid colour (see my placeholder site).
    It’s a shame clients and co-workers don’t see it the same way, I guess it reminds them of the old days of the web before ‘web 2.0’.

  • Its interesting to see how other designers have used flat or block colours in their designs, because it can look too one dimensional or be to over powering. I think the designs above have the right balance and have each used different techniques to conquer these potential problems, by using a variety of shades in the same colour pallet or breaking up the designs with graphics.

  • Great list for my inspiration folder…Thanks

  • Very nice list, I don’t always go for solid colours but I’m moving more and more that way!

  • Great collection. It is hard to make solid colours work in web design, but when they work they often turn out to be the best designs.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Really nice roundup. Thanks… I personally like solid colors than gradients 🙂

  • solid colors in webdesign………i like ur ideas..

  • Nice showcases. These colors give such a warm and comfortable feelings to the human eyes.

  • Thank u for some nice designs with solid colors. Maybe some article about using colors in webdesign: Design With Color in Mind… – http://www.cruzine.com/2010/06/23/design-color-mind/

  • Nice Collection, Its great to see a compilation of websites using solid colour that work, it would be nice to see a few more corporate styles though. I really love ‘Carsonified’ expecially how it makes two solid colours so inspiring. Thanks.

  • Wow.. Beautiful colour mixtures 🙂
    I love them 🙂

  • Collection of great inspirational work. Thanks 🙂

  • very good. I like the way you present your content.

  • Loved it.


  • It’s my way of designing websites for years already (on my site, there are a lot of old screenshots at my info page). It goes automatically, I can Photoshop and such things but it’s my natural way of designing sites.

    I’m often wondering if people like it. Because of all the textured backgrounds, grunge things, etcetera on others sites.

  • Here in Venezuela we have very good web designers, but you have opened a very large potential in there work.

  • Great article!
    I Love most of the designs, but never use solid colors in my projects (putting gradients and more than one color wont hurt). It’s like putting blank space to design.
    Some are successful and some are very boring and frustrating like The Tease and Manchester Web Design.

    In one word, I love the outcome and creativity. But never limit yourself to one or two colors.

  • Love the New to York website design!