Head Up in the Clouds: Web Design that Uses Sky Elements

It is always amazing to designer incorporating different element of nature in their designs. This time the inspiration is cloud, sky and blue palette colors. In this post we are featuring some really beautiful website that used sky, cloud images and illustrations in their design.
Some of this website used stock images and some of them used vectors or combination of both. Nevertheless, the outcome is very professional and fun to see.


Ready Made Design

The Pixel

Calobee Doodles

Dripping in Sunshine

Adobe User Group Nederland

Indiqo Media

Blog Maison Ecologique

Web Design Beach

Manufacturer of Ornamental Shrubs – Maria Papazova

Nottingham Web Design

Barn Festival Bob Gard

Pacific Ohana Hostel



Freelance Logo

Ashok Hotel

Stereo Focus

Fator Criativo

So, what do you guys think ? I liked how some of the website uses parallax and jQuery to improve user interaction. Is there any sky website we have missed? Shout it in the comment.

Kawsar Ali