35 Creative Single Page Portfolio Designs

In this post we have collected some beautiful single page portfolio designs. Be sure to check out our previous posts on the portfolio sites below. Enjoy!

35 Nice Single Page Web Designs

45 Portfolio Sites


23 Flat Design iPhone Apps

Flat design is becoming increasingly popular in the design and development space. When we say “flat” we are referring to the minimalist approach to design. We remove borders, shadows, variants, 3d elements to come up with a very clean simple and flat design. Minimal design has been popular for a while and it seems that flat conceptual working is taking that to next level. In this post we have put together some beautiful iPhone applications with flat design. If you like these designs you might also want to check out our previous post below.

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34 Incredible Brand New iPhone and iPad App Icons

Overlay window

2000 Free Photoshop Patterns

Today I have put together the largest collection of free Photoshop patterns DesignM.ag has ever offered. Enjoy!

Flowers Patters for Photoshop (6)

20 Useful Examples of Cardboard Texture

1.Cardboard texture

This is an collection by Carlbert.


20 Brain Logos for Inspiration

Today we are featuring some brain logos. Yes, it is strange but take a look! Enjoy!

1. Brain Pickers


34 Flat Website Layouts for Design Inspiration

The flat metro-style design trend has only been active within the community for a couple of years. The original designs started with Microsoft and have grown in complexity ever since. Specifically I have noticed a lot of designers working with flat CSS3 buttons, links, icons, and other UI features.

I want to dedicate this showcase towards flat website interfaces. The gallery includes 34 examples of the best flat websites. These are host to blogs, businesses, portfolios, and dozens of other styles as well. You can apply flat design techniques onto any layout because the patterns are so basic. Take a look at some of my examples examples and you will pick up new ideas pretty quickly.


flat website layout design interface

20 Beautiful Wood Fonts for your Inspiration

Today enjoy our collection of 20 wood fonts from around the web! We don’t do a lot of font posts but I thought this piece would go over well.

1. Pinewood


20 Creative Instagram apps

1. Instarium

CIA 01