35 Crisp Photographs of Brilliant Autumn Landscapes

As we’re moving into September the seasons begin to change once again. This is a beautiful time of year for personal reflection and coming to terms with our position in life. I have always had a strong emotional attachment to the Fall, with such a brilliant display of colors and scenery.

In this showcase I’ve collected 35 examples of eye-popping color photographs in Autumn. These photos include dense forests, cityscapes, small towns, farmland, and dozens of other natural landscapes. I hope this collection may provide inspiration for designers and photographers around the world. It is also my hope to evoke a sense of security and novelty to open yourself to new ideas and new opportunities.

Golden Autumn Mountains

26 Beautiful Fullscreen Websites

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34 Awesome Print Ads

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Showcase Of Creative & Smart Print Ads

Sanofi Targifor: Rowing

46 Fabulous iOS Icon Designs

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30 iOS App Icon Designs for iPhone & iPad

Journal iOS Icon

39 Fresh Logo Designs

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Aroma Haus

40 Hot New Web Design Interfaces from Dribbble

There’s no question that Dribbble is the worldwide pulse of the Internet design community. Graphics designers are always sharing their latest projects with the world through sneak-peek screenshots. These will often include website layouts and creative web interfaces.

So passing through the Summer of 2012 I’ve put together this gallery of 40 brand new website interfaces. All the shots have been created by Dribbble members, both real projects and for practice. You can learn a lot by checking out these techniques and applying them onto your own layouts.

45 Portfolio Sites

Today we are featuring 45 design portfolio sites. Enjoy!

1. Alex Franco

My name is Alex franco, born in Boston but I have been moving around since I was 6 years old. My interests include anything from listening to music to my current carrier path,Graphic designing.


30 Examples of Surreal Artwork

Today we have collected some imaginative and surreal artwork. Enjoy!

1. Agnieszka-Filipowska