35 Stunning Web Design Studios and Portfolio Websites

There have been hundreds of incredible web design agencies founded over the past few decades. Much of our modern world is powered by the Internet and content generation. Designers are leading the forefront of this movement with new trends in web development.

But even beginners in the field of design have to start somewhere. I have collected this showcase of 35 amazing web design studios for inspiration. Whether you are launching a small freelance operation or managing a mid-to-large sized agency, everybody needs a portfolio website. If you have any similar ideas or suggestions for new studio websites feel free to share in the post discussion area below.


32 New Business Card Designs

In this post we have compiled some awesome business cards for inspiration. If you like these business cards you might also want to check out our previous posts below.

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26 Polished White Letterpress Business Card Designs

Showcase of Double-Sided Business Cards

letterpress wood and cotton paper business cards

55 Exceptional Examples of Bokeh Photography

Bokeh is a Japanese word that in English we know as blur. Bokeh has become a very popular effect in photography. It’s easy to create and makes for impressive photos. In this post we are showcasing 55 outstanding examples of Bokeh photography. Enjoy! 1. Pink Rose in the Bottle 2. Bokeh Spray 3. Beautiful lady […]

40 Examples of Ultra Wide Angle Photography

Photographs are magical bits of moments frozen in time. I have always loved photography since it’s such a creative field of artistic talent. You can find photos centered around the urban jungle, interior design, animals, and many other categories.

But I also enjoy focused on the style of photography at hand. In this gallery we’re looking into some great UWA photographs taken with a wide-angle lens. This will often distort the background areas to solely focus on a centerpiece. This trend is widely used amongst photographers and there are millions of exemplary UWA photos taken from all around the world!

North of the Forest

40 Creative Concept Art Examples

In conceptual photography, the photographer is trying to convey a message or concept through abstract symbolism in the form of drawings, paintings, quick sketches, sculptures, miniatures, and all types of art that defines the object or attempts to explain the meaning.

In this post we found examples of remarkable concept art created by different artists. All images are linked to pages of the author. Enjoy!

1. Ganesh

Meet Ganesh the god of beginnings and a patron of arts shown in a beautiful drawing by Francis.


55 Realistic 3d Models

3D modeling and design is one of the most interesting and realistic innovations of 21st century. 3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of a 3D surface of the object using software. The model can also be physically created using 3D Printing devices.

The result is so realistic that at times that it can be easily confused with a photograph. In this post I have collected pictures of realistic 3D models. Enjoy!

1. Motor Cycle With Side Car Model

Photo-realistic 3d model of the legendary war motorcycle. The ancestor of this powerful heavy bike was released on the German BMW factory in 1938. The original model was called the BMW R71. This relentless hard worker went through the whole World War II as the main striking force of motorized infantry troops of military Germany.


29 Green Eco-Friendly Website Layouts

Pushing for trendy new green sites is almost commonplace for modern web designers. Eco-friendly hosting has provided a more supportive role for Internet companies. And similar businesses love to demonstrate their relationship to the ecology of our planet.

This showcase contains 29 outstanding eco-friendly web designs and interfaces. The color schemes often reflect green and yellow tones providing a natural feeling. You can influence the emotions of your audience with just a simple choice of colors and icons. And if you know of any similar website layouts be sure to let us know in the post comments below.

Origen Creatives

22 Fresh And Free Fonts For Your Design

In this post we have put together some high quality free fonts. If you like these fonts you might also want to check out our previous posts below.

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