Painting Digitally or Traditionally can have Astonishing Results

Painting is a talent that many do not posses, or simply don’t find the time to learn.  It always intrigues me to see different styles and approaches from those who posses such skills, and how they master it in a unique and creative way. In today’s  post I will share with you 21 creative an unique paintings.




Mural on School Bus Roof (click for a lot more angles)

Paintings Kimonos





Recent Paintings (2010)

Cracked Hat Illustration

Stamatis Laskos 2010


Matthew Heidenreich

Currently an Art Director in St. Louis Missouri.

  • Amazing paintings.

  • Nice work …great job…:)

  • Its really very nice. All the paintings are unique and fantastic. Where you have collected these? Its awesome!

  • Really amazing paintings.

  • Amazing, thats beautiful.

  • Fantastic collection of paintings – thanks for sharng 🙂

  • Impressive works! Thank you for the inspirational photos! I believe that we should consult traditional art more often while searching for creative inspiration to output through more modern digital mediums.

  • What a superb collection of digital and traditional paintings! I’m really into digital painting and I guess a lot of effort is being done when making one of these. It also requires tons of creativity and talent. Do you think these kinds of paintings will be trending in the coming years?

  • A nice collection. Some paintings are a very fantastic like tecnique! More Inspirations! Thanks for the sharing.

  • Great collection! I love seeing painting of this type.

  • There just had to be an evil clown in there, huh? HA These are all great though.

  • I love conception. Creepy yet beautiful. Another talented individual!