BootstrapZero offers free open source BS Themes & Templates

Every web developer should already know about the legendary Bootstrap library. It comes with pre-built methods for crafting websites and even dynamic JavaScript components.

While the default Bootstrap library is fantastic, it leaves room for aesthetic improvement.

This is where a resource like BootstrapZero comes into play. You’ll be able to download and work with free themes, templates, and same code snippets that all support the latest version of Bootstrap.

Devs are constantly looking for ways to customize Bootstrap so that it stands out against all the other similar-looking Bootstrap websites. The first way is to manually customize a design yourself.

The quicker way is to rely on pre-built themes and templates already running on Bootstrap.

Here’s a brief explanation from BS Zero’s homepage:

Since Bootstrap was first released back in 2010, it has grown-up to become the most popular frontend framework worldwide. Bootstrap is really an amazing framework, and has made “mobile-first” responsive design easier to grasp. It enables frontend developers to get started quickly with Bootstrap’s many patterns, tools and components. It also helps to ensure consistency of design. This collection of totally free themes will show you that it’s easy to make your Bootstrap site, “not look like a Bootstrap site”.

Take a look at BootstrapZero and visit the starter templates for new sites. There are hundreds of free themes for all occasions and interface elements.

You can also stay up-to-date with news by following the official Twitter account @BootstrapZero

Bootstrap Zero

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  1. Carol
    November 16, 2015

    Cool. Thanks for sharing this Jake.

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