2000 Free Photoshop Patterns

Today I have put together the largest collection of free Photoshop patterns DesignM.ag has ever offered. Enjoy!

Flowers Patters for Photoshop (6)

Charcoal Damask Photoshop Pattern (1)

Damask Charcoal Photoshop Pattern

Dotted Photoshop Patterns (29)

Photoshop Dotted Patterns

Photoshop Patterns (15)

Photoshop Patterns

Splatter Photoshop Patterns (10)

Photoshop Splatter Patterns

Photoshop Patterns

Photoshop Patterns (12)

Victorian – PS Patterns (45)

Vintage Patterns (12)

Arabic Patterns for Photoshop


Grandmas Flowers (4)


Seamless Paper Patterns (6)

Grungy Abstract Squares Photoshop Patterns (4)

Tileable Midnight Blue Grunge Patterns (5)

Flat Grungy Summer Stripes Seamless Patterns


Intricate Lace

Abstract Gears (3)

Geometric Links (3)

Soft Pastel Abstract Light Patterns


Gears and Cogs (3)

Vintage Velvet

Grungy Tileable Diamond Patterns (5)

Damask Patterns Volume 2 (15)

Micro Patterns (54)

Patterns (5)



Tileable Playful Lavender Peach Patterns (5)

Skull Patterns (2)

Patterns (20)

Metal Mesh Patterns – Pack 1 (14)

Vector Patterns (12)

Ultimate Carbon Patterns Pack (16)

Softly Plaidly- Peachy Keen (11)

patterns 01 (12)

GypsyGarden” Seamless tile (2)

Retro Grunge Wallpaper Pattens (10)

PS Patterns Pack 2 (3)

70’s Photoshop Pattern

octopus photoshop patterns (90)

Pie – Photoshop Patterns


Grungy Festive Seamless Photoshop Patterns (8)

Strawberry + Chocolate Pattern (8)

Retro Butter (11)

Summer Pattern Pack Vol. 2 (14)

Midnight Blue Patterns (6)

Diagonal Stripes Set 1 (6)

Photoshop Pattern Sets Made with Gliftic (8)

ZigZag Pattern Set (10)

squidfingers (108)

Floral Patterns 01 (28)

Plaid and Checkered Patterns


Ninja Noise Patterns (10)

Patterns .22 (30)

Spring Fling (36)

Grungy Tileable Vintage Patterns (10)

Tileable Fabric Photoshop Pattern Set (12)

Faded Mauve Vintage Photoshop Patterns (4)

115 Seamless – Blue Patterns (115)

free retro nature patterns (3)

Rope/Hair Seamless Vector Pattern

ScrappinCop Pattern Set1 (12)

Wooden Pattern Pack


Stylized Clouds 1

Carbon Fiber Patterns (10)

Very flowery PS free patterns (6)

Free Ornament PS Patterns (12)

Photoshop Patterns (25)

Damask Patterns Volume 2 (15)

squidfingers (158)

Japanese style pattern (40)

Summer Pattern Pack Vol. 8 (14)

Patterns .23


Dice patterns (5)

Cloudy abstract deep blue tileable photoshop pattern set (10)

Patterns (52)



Patterns (14)

Patterns (44)

Patterns (34)

Pixel patterns (200)

Patterns (16)

Cute patterns (17)



Simply But Elegant Floral Photoshop Pattern Set (4)

Pixel Patterns (24)

web 2.0 Pattern Collection (139)

Basic Elements (50)

Japanese Love Song (14)

Cutie Patterns (25)

That’s My Dad (20)

French Wallpaper Patterns (18)

Tartan Patterns (46)

Chris Stark

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