28 Fresh jQuery Tutorials

In this post we have collected 28 fresh and useful jQuery tutorials. If you like jQuery tutorials you might also want to check out some of our previous posts below. Enjoy!

20 Useful jQuery Slider Tutorials

25 jQuery Tutorials for Improved Navigation Menus

Easy Display Switch with CSS and jQuery

Create an Image Rotator with Description (CSS/jQuery)

Update: We also have a few more recent jQuery tutorials you might want to check out.
How to Build an Image Slideshow UI Switcher with jQuery
How to Build an iOS Style Content Slider Using jQuery

How to Create a jQuery Confirm Dialog Replacement

How to Make Auto-Advancing Slideshow

Fullscreen Gallery with Thumbnail Flip

Making Google’s Christmas Doodle with jQuery

Thumbnails Preview Slider with jQuery

Sweet Thumbnails Preview Gallery

Animated Form Switching with jQuery

Parallax Slider with jQuery

Portfolio Zoom Slider with jQuery

Bubbleriffic Image Gallery with jQuery

Create an Attractive Before and After Photo Effect with jQuery

Overlay Effect Menu with jQuery

Simple JQuery Flickr Style Tooltip Menu

Display Your Favourite Music with jQuery & Last.fm

How To Create a Cool Animated Menu with jQuery

Animated Portfolio Gallery with jQuery

Floating social bar with jQuery and CSS

Master Drag and Drop Technique using jQuery

Making a Flickr-powered Slideshow

Overlay-like Effect with jQuery

Merging Image Boxes with jQuery

Coding a Rotating Image Slideshow w/ CSS3 and jQuery

Hover Slide Effect with jQuery

Making an Apple-style Splash Screen

Making Better Select Elements with jQuery and CSS3

Creating a Stylish Coming Soon Page with jQuery

Pull Out Content Panel with jQuery

JQuery Expand Stacked Images Using Slider

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    What is often sorely missing from sites is that one stand out element that entices the viewer to remain on the site. Even myself, when clicking into each of the tutorials, find myself exploring the possibilities and pages of the site in more depth, purely because it has a beautiful and dynamic jQuery element. It is this as web designers that we have to try and achieve with all our websites and these tutorials will only aid our cause.

    Sure, as has been said, some of these aren’t new, but to have them in a concise list like this is extremely helpful. Rest assured that I shall be using some of these in my future designs and I am confident that they will add that extra quality needed to ‘Wow’ the client.

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