30 Examples Photo Retouching

In this post we have collected some awesome examples of photo retouching. Also included are a few tutorials to help you refine your skills. Enjoy!

RB Retouch


Beauty Retouching

Photo Retouching

skin retouching

Skin Retouch

Body Retouching

Awesome Retouching

Photo Retouch

Sabrina Retouch

Beauty Retouch


Morrzy 2050

Aamir Khan

Skin Retouch

Be Gentle

Photo Retouching

TGB Hotel Ahmadabad – Photo Retouching

What Do You See?



Mr Altamirano

Landscape Composition

Outdoor Self Portrait Retouch


How to Smooth Skin Without Losing Texture in Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial To Enhance Photos and Still Keeping Skin Pores

Beautiful Facial Make Up Photoshop Retouching Tutorial

Complete portrait retouching

Professional Retouching Tutorial: Healing

Dodge and Burn retouch tutoria

Retouching a Studio Portrait Photoshop Tutorial

Chris Stark

  • Great collection of posts here, I’ll have to try some of them out definetly.

  • PS is amazing~strong enough!

  • joe

    Most of them got nicer skin on the “before” picture.

    removing everything natural and leaving a plain space is definitely not “awesome” but pathetic…

  • The camera never lies – it’s true, Photoshop on the otherhand…

  • Adam Fields

    I’d have to say that most of these are pretty terrible. Flat skin with no detail is not ‘beautiful’. It’s like they’ve photoshopped masks onto all of these women. I’d call this 30 (or maybe 27) examples of abusing photoshop to make people look like bad CGI models.

  • It’s Wonderful, The retouch is an art.. I look at some

  • This is something to remind every one who’s attached to the notion that people on the media looks absolutely flawless, and they themselves strive for that ideal. Quite amazing touch ups, you really can’t know the difference until you see the before samples.

  • A lot of these are quite bad in terms of a professional standard (some are great though).

    Lots of mistakes on lighting, removing skin textures (bad!) and even one of those models has green skin =/

  • Whilst these are excellent examples of how Photoshop can completely change images, that being the purpose of the blog post, it’s debatable as to whether these changes actually enhance or make the images worse on a human level.

    There will be two schools of thought about these. One will be adamant that Photoshop has been used to enhance the features of the models, add the finishing touches and make the images stand out. The other will feel that natural beauty is best, or that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and these are nothing more than touched up porcelain dolls that offer as much reality as a cartoon.

    Either way, it’s clear from these images how Photoshop is an essential tool in the advertising industry and that incredible things can be done with it to alter images almost beyond recognition. If nothing else, we can at least take the fact that this is wonderful art as Juan Pablo points out.

  • The differences are phenomenal!

  • Nice collection but some little bit modifications its better for look.Try it.keep posting

  • Great collection of good and bad examples!

  • Mandy

    Great Sharing!
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  • Ed

    Here is a lot of before and after samples:

  • Marvin

    Great Photography —

    Always nice to see Ezine Editors use cheap promotional web space to demonstrate performances by graphic artists without using additional cheap web space to tell the world, and us Novices, how to get from Point A to Point B.

    It appears the best Ezine Editors can do is display BEFORE and AFTER images, in which the originals are reasonably OK to begin with, BUT, they “gotta” show unquestionable work making us Novices say: “OMG, wish I could do likewise with my work?

    30, 50, or more, Before and After projects?

    The advertised originals can be achieved (Point B) by most intermediate students who have the latest costly, updated software.

    Ya Think?

  • Thank you for featuring two of my Retouch works, “Mr Altamirano” and “Propellos”. Much appreciated! 🙂

    Yours Sincerely

    Kim Brockie
    Retouch artist

  • The difference is just so astonishing. But still we have to consider the color scheming.

  • It’s miraculous, a old man Retouch to young man, a great photo, good job.

  • Oh,It’s terrible!

  • John Hobday

    I think your work is excellent. I do this kind of work too and you are very good. I would like to mention to people whom like to make comments about the models looking awful etc, you have to appreciate the work that goes into creating this, also its the client who wants them to look like they do, your not really seeing.
    Well done

  • CM

    I really think they should show this to highschool kids that have complexes about their appearance and make them see that Hollywood aint all what it’s cracked up to be.

    I do love retouching though and I do think it is an art worth showing off.

  • The parallax effect is a personal favorite of mine and an effect that can really engage the viewers attention and add real depth to a site and best of all it doesn’t rely on flash. The first time I came across this effect was the Nike better world site which I still think is probably the best example of the parallax effect on a site. I also like how the Esteban site have used it to create a layered effect similar to that of a theatre stage. I think this is an effect we’ll continue to see more of in the future.

  • This is amazing. Photoshop has no limits. I’ll try to make an older version of me 🙂

  • Nice collection but some little bit modifications its better for look.Try it.keep posting

  • The camera never lies – it’s true, Photoshop on the otherhand…

  • I like it ,so good,.thanks

  • Just do what you want alonging with your active heart.