45 Free Sets of Adobe Illustrator Brushes

While there are not as many free brushes available for Illustrator as there are for Photoshop, there are still some excellent, high-quality options. In this post we’ll look at 45 sets of brushes in several different categories.

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Abstract Brushes:

35 Free Abstract Illustrator Brushes

105 Stunning Retro Tech-Shaped Illustrator Brushes

Abstract Brushes

Thin Abstract Brushes

Retro-Style Brushes:

104 Incredible Retro-Style Pixelated Illustrator Brushes

The Most Retro Line Illustrator Brushes Ever

Patterns and Floral Brushes:

30 Illustrator Pattern Brushes for Making Flowers and Circular Designs

Mycanthus Brush Pack #1

Little Bloom Flowers

Free Illustrator Brushes and Vectors: Foliage

Circular Patterns

Hand Written/Drawn:

104 Scribbled Dry Erase Marker-Styled Illustrator Brushes

Sketchy and Line Art Brushes

ClickPopMedia Brushes

Marker Pen Strokes

Custom Drawing Brushes

16 Sketchy Illustrator Brushes

Chalk Brushes

Paint/Watercolor Brushes:

Free Illustrator Brushes: Ink/Watercolor

106 Delicious Water Color Illustrator Brushes

105 More Delicious Water Color Illustrator Brushes

Paint Brushes Set 1

Paint Brushes Set 2

Paint Brushes Set 3

Paint Brushes Set 4

Artistic Brushes

Illustrator Art Brushes

More Art Brushes

Starburst Brushes:

105 Mind-Blowing Retro Tech-Shaped Starburst Brushes

50 Killer Retro Starburst Brushes

Lines and Stripes Brushes:

50 Ridiculous Retro-Style Broken Line Illustrator Brushes

Shapes Brushes:

Box-Based Circles

Kirby Krackles Brush Set

Swirl Brushes:

Swirly Curls

Swirl Rocks Brushes

28 Free Illustrator Brushes for Making Swooshes and Swirls

Free Tribal Brushes

Other Brushes:

Urban Squares

The Hairbrush Kit

The Rainbow Brush Kit

Gems and Pearls Scatter Brushes

Random Brush Set 3

Random Brush Set 2

Random Brush Set 1

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