Case study: Depositphotos as Your Stock Images Provider

It’s been 3 years since we’ve mentioned Depositphotos in one of our posts. Back then, they were a small, but enthusiastic agency which wanted to go after the big names in the industry. And with 1 million stock images made available for download in their first year, things looked promising.

Fresh content

However, in a scenario that we typically see in Sci-Fi movies, this project grew at an impressive rate, reaching 4 million stock images in 2011 and 9 million 6 months ago.  Although huge increases like that might be made at the expense of quality, this didn’t happen with Depositphotos. In fact, it seems to me that these guys actually increased the quality as they added more and more products to their shelves. Speaking of which, can you guys guess how huge is their database now? Well, 12.75 million photos!  And that, I tell you, it’s impressive and according to them, they’ve increased the number of stock images by 140% in 2012 alone.



Subscription calculator and customization

Their subscription calculator which was recently added is really cool. You have a variety of choices and everything is transparent.  They will even calculate how much you’ll pay for each image as you get. And when you compare their prices with those of the competition, you immediately realize that you’ll get a really good bargain at Depositphotos since you can get high quality stock photos as low as $0.15/image.

Furthermore, although they’ve have become a big stock agency now, customized packages are available to clients indifferent of their sizes. So, therefore, if you can’t see a package that you like, you can choose to talk with their friendly and smart costumer service.

A transparent licence system

Instead of making you read a 100 pages licence agreement that will eventually just frustrate you, Depositphotos has decided to create a cool and easy readable table where you can find all the information you need. Therefore, they are amongst a handful of stock image companies which actually think that a transparent licence system is in the benefit of both the buyer and the seller.


Should Depositphotos be your stock images provider?

We definitely say yes. Firstly, you have thousands of new high quality stock images uploaded each day that you won’t find anywhere else since they grow at an unbelievable pace when compared to their competitors. Secondly, they have a transparent price system and a customization service that will convince even the most capricious of you. Last but not least, they explain their licence system in a way that will make your life easy. Furthermore, if you’re still not convinced, take a look at these gorgeous images that you’ll find below.




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