The A-Z List of Free Serif Fonts for Design

It’s almost impossible to have too many fonts installed on your system, especially when it comes to Serif fonts. So to help you add a few fonts to your font collection, I’ve made an A-Z List of some of the very best free serif fonts out there on the web. You can download all the fonts for free and use most of them in your personal and commercial design work. This is my first post for – if all goes well hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me in the future!

A is for Apple Garamond

Apple Garamond

B is for Bambi


C is for Centabel


D is for Divona


E is for Euphorigenic


F is for Flatform


G is for Goudy Bookletter 1911

Goudy Bookletter 1911

H is for Happy Phantom

Happy Phantom

I is for Imprimerie


J is for Just Old Fashion

Just Old Fashion

K is for Kleins Forgotten Roman

Kleins Forgotten Roman

L is for Leftist Mono Serif

Leftist Mono Serif

M is for Mary Jane

Mary Jane

N is for Napoleodoni


O is for Old Typefaces

Old Typefaces

P is for Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

Q is for Queer Theory

Queer Theory

R is for River Avenue

River Avenue

S is for Serif


T is for Timeless


U is for Ursa Serif

Ursa Serif

V is for Vibrocentric


W is for Waschkueche


X is for Xipital


Y is open for suggestions!

Z is for Zenith 2000

Zenith 2000

For more fonts please see:

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