35 High-Quality Free Vector Packs

Web and graphic designers have a lot of free resources at their disposal. Thanks to an active design community, finding quality free resources is possible. In this post we’ll feature some of the best free vector packs that are available for download. As always when you are working with freebies, be sure to check the license and guidelines established by the designer.

Vintage Typography Collection


City Skyline Vectors (7 vectors)

City Skyline Vectors

Abstract/Geometric Wireframe Vectors (27 vectors)

Abstract/Geometric  Wireframe Vectors

WG Splatter (15 vectors)

WG Splatter

Drips and Spray Paint Pack (30 vectors)

Drips and Spray Paint Pack

Vector Ink Strokes (15 vectors)

Vector Ink Strokes

Water Color Splatters (?)

Water Color Splatters

Brushstrokes Pack (29 vectors)

Brushstrokes Pack

Grunge Splats (5 vectors)

Grunge Splats

Splash Vector Set (9 vectors)

Splash Vector Set

Tattered Banners (8 vectors)

Tattered  Banners

Grunge Vectors (15 vectors)

Grunge Vectors

Distressed Grunge (26 vectors)

Distressed Grunge

Seamless Destroyed Vectors (10 vectors)

Seamless Destroyed Vectors

Flying Birds (30 vectors)

Flying Birds

Birds Silhouettes (?)

Birds Silhouettes

Animal Silhouettes (41 vectors)

Animal Silhouettes

Things That Fly (?)

Things That Fly

Flames Vectors (6 vectors)

Flames Vectors

Skull Vector Pack I (5 vectors)

Skull Vector Pack I

Skull Vector Pack II (3 vectors)

Skull Vector Pack II

Scribble Skulls (8 vectors)

Scribble Skulls

Scary Zombie Vectors (3 vectors)

Scary Zombie Vectors

Hand Drawn Ornate Elements (16 vectors)

Hand Drawn Ornate Elements

Baroque Plants and Flowers (6 vectors)

Baroque Plants and Flowers

Floral Ornaments (5 vectors)

Floral Ornaments

Vector Halftones (28 vectors)

Vector Halftones

Hand-Drawn Vector Arrows (120 vectors)

Hand-Drawn Vector Arrows

Surfing and Diving Silhouettes

Surfing and Diving Silhouettes

Keep Fit Vectors (?)

Keep  Fit Vectors

Sketch Vectors (?)

Sketch  Vectors

Line Art (104 vectors)

Line Art

Apple iPod Vector Pack (4 vectors)

Apple iPod Vector Pack

Wings (10 vectors)


Ornate Swirls (?)

Ornate Swirls

Flower Vectors (6 vectors)

Flower Vectors

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