500+ Photoshop Brushes for Creating Brush Strokes

Photoshop brushes have always been a popular topic with our readers. In the past we have posted collections of the best watercolor brushes and the best splatter brushes, and today we’re focusing on those that allow you to easily create realistic paint brush stroke effects. There are 18 free brush sets included, totaling more than 500 brushes.

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Acrylic Brush Strokes (57 brushes)

Acrylic Brush Strokes

High Res Paint Brushes (53 brushes)

High Res Paint Brushes

Painted Canvas Brushes (55 brushes)

Painted Canvas Brushes

Dry Brush Strokes (14 brushes)

Dry Brush Strokes

Paint Stroke Brushes (13 brushes)

Paint Stroke Brushes

High Res Paint Stroke Brushes (15 brushes)

High Res Paint Stroke Brushes

Wet Paint Acrylic Brushes (16 brushes)

Wet Paint Acrylic Brushes

Horizontal Smudges (18 brushes)

Horizontal Smudges

Simple Smudges (14 brushes)

Simple Smudges

Acrylic Brushes (25 brushes)

Acrylic Brushes

Acrylic Brushes (9 brushes)

Acrylic Brushes

Watercolour Brush Strokes (14 brushes)

Watercolour Brush Strokes

Brush Stroke Brushes (20 brushes)

Brush Stroke Brushes

Watercolour Stroke Brushes (4 brushes)

Watercolour Stroke Brushes

Paint Brushes (7 brushes)

Paint Brushes

Painted Brushes (20 brushes)

Painted Brushes

Essential Brush Strokes (100 brushes)

Essential Brush Strokes

Real Brush Strokes (53 brushes)

Real Brush Strokes

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