7 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Album Covers

If you’re looking to stretch your skills as a web designer, you may be interested in learning more about different types of design. Many web designers find inspiration from album art, and there are some helpful tutorials for learning more about creating your own album covers in Photoshop.

Photoshop Tutorials for Album Covers:

Electrifying Glow Album Art

Glow Album Art

Designing a Cover Using Spectrograms

Spectrograms Album Art Tutorial

Linkin Park Album Cover

Linkin Park Album Cover Tutorial

CD Cover Design

CD Cover Design Tutorial

From Dull Digital Photo to Sweet Old School Album Cover

Sweet Old School Album Cover

Lara Croft Album Cover

Lara Croft Album Art

How I Designed 3 CD Jackets Just by Listening to Music

This post doesn’t get into the Photoshop details, but rather it looks at the artistic process involved in desiging album art.

Designing 3 Album Covers

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