Premium Plugins That Web Developers And Web Designers Would Find Useful

In the field of website creation, there is very little we can do nowadays without plugins. Web designers and web developers require the best resources if they are to reach the best outcomes in projects for their clients.

While the markets are swarming with helping tools for many purposes, the measure of their efficacy lies in the eye of the beholder. In other words, premium plugins are perceived as useful by professionals who seek and testify to their unique blend of features. I called on a general search for outstanding plugins, and found that 16 solutions rise to the occasion. They are as follows.

LayerSlider Premium Multi-Purpose Slider Plugin

My first thoughts go to LayerSlider. I have turned to this plugin during many client projects, and have never regretted my decision. You most likely used it, too, if not in its natural stand-alone form, then as part of some proficient theme or framework. This popular tool is SEO-ready, responsive, and helps professionals create slideshows, image galleries, and content sliders for their websites.

You start by taking your pick from 13 user skins, whichever makes you feel more comfortable. Then, you can proceed to the drag-and-drop builder, which is endowed with timeline view, and a live preview feature that you can use before you publish. Sliders can be customized in any direction suits your fancy. Either choose from 200 ready-made 2D and 3D slide transitions, or roll up your sleeves and use the transition builder to help make up custom animations. Finally, LayerSlider allows for any type of content: text, Google Fonts, images, HTML, and videos.

Multi Store Creator for Prestashop

Every so often, creative professionals are contracted to work for brick-and-mortar merchants in order to set up web shops for their rapidly blooming businesses. In some cases, it’s best to tackle e-commerce projects with Prestashop. Whatever the actual niche your client belongs to, you can always use a genial and mobile-responsive plugin named Multi Store Creator for Prestashop.

Indeed, the plugin is universal in meeting creatives’ demands. Besides, it proposes a semi-automated front-end office that is bound to help you accomplish your projects in a split-second. Multi Store Creator includes lofty capabilities like AJAX validation for existing store and user, Paypal integration, multi-language support, and a plan chooser.

Parallax Module for Joomla

It is now a unanimously accepted truth that the user experience of any website is leveled up by using parallax scrolling animations in the background, because visitors find them very engaging. As such, it makes sense to build some of your websites with the parallax scrolling technique. If the project in question is based on Joomla, then I suggest using a qualified module.

For example, I have only just discovered the Parallax Module for Joomla. Reach out for this plugin anytime, as it enables you to easily add an image and turn it into the parallax background that you crave for. The premium plugin includes a text area for adding content, and is responsive.


What do you do when you want to work on every individual web page of your future website? You try to find the right tools for the job, of course. A premium plugin, for instance. ImpactPageBuilder sounds like a good idea, since it enables you to make landing pages, product pages, or squeeze pages – stand out. Either take your pick from 7 different pre-made templates, or simply create your own. The preview function is going to make your day.

Support Ticket System for Opencart

I bet some of your e-commerce projects happen to be based on OpenCart. Did you ever run into any problems while managing and monitoring online support requests? I know I have. And that setback motivated me to find a better way of running my help desk. So I found a great plugin: Support Ticket System for OpenCart. It provides a simple path to creating and searching through countless types of tickets. Admins are free to customize any number of departments, assign tickets to team members, and change the status of work-in-progress to resolving, resolved, and deleted.

Checkout Discount Code for Magento

When it comes to online shopping, everyone longs for comfort and speed. Otherwise, we’d just get out of the house to go to the mall whenever we want to purchase something, and forget all about web stores. If you create Magento websites, then I would like to tell you about a prime plugin that eliminates all potential issues related to the one-page checkout process. Use Checkout Discount Code for Magento to let your customers insert coupon and discount codes directly.


It makes no difference if you’re busying yourself with an e-commerce website, a personal blog, or a wedding planner’s catalog. User experience and interaction comes first, so what you need is a plugin that helps you hone an ideal way for your site members to communicate. UserPro would be a first-hand choice in terms of profile management. You have an astonishing array of display options to use in creating site member directories, and you can also make registration forms with many roles, plus social network buttons.


Since we’ve come to the subject of social network buttons, I absolutely need to mention a brand new plugin for social sharing on WordPress, which is presented by Elegant Themes. Monarch is brimming with valuable functionality, some of which you had no idea how much you needed. You don’t just get to display social sharing and following buttons for your readers in pop-ins, fly-ins, or in a floating sidebar, but you also get to keep track of their engagement over time.

Chimpy – MailChimp WordPress Plugin

For some websites, e-mail marketing is a pitfall. Don’t let it be yours. Keep your site members tuned in for more, and use effective techniques to ensnare passing guests. For these purposes, you need to devise a valid MailChimp WordPress integration. This is where Chimpy steps in. You can really benefit from this plugin, as it lets you synchronize all WordPressusers, and create dashing sign-up forms, then serve them in pop-ups. You are also free to show comment forms, and only render some content visible to subscribed members.

Lizatom Shortcodes Plugin

Nothing compares to shortcodes. I can’t imagine working on any website building project without the precious assistance that they provide. If you’re currently absorbed with WordPress projects, then use Lizatom Shortcodes Plugin. You’ll be glad you had, because it had more than 5K shortcodes. You can give images a 3D shadow effect, reveal text in accordion, insert pricing tables, and customize order lists – with unprecedented ease. Lizatom includes features like CSS3 buttons, info boxes, and tooltips.

Subscriptio – WooCommerce Subscriptions

A great part of WooCommerce websites sell subscriptions. In any such instance, you would benefit greatly from a tool that lets you configure and monitor specific details of how you offer your subscriptions. Consider using the Subscriptio extension for WooCommerce subscriptions. It would make it very easy to establish the frequency when sending reminders, as well as the duration of suspension periods. Subscriptio is also known to sport a developer-friendly interface, complete with loads of hooks and filters.

Content Timeline

The audience of a website could get bored with its content if it appears to be complicated for some reason. Maybe a change in layout would do you good. I recommend using a timeline, as it would offer a complete make-over. Content Timeline can breathe fresh life into your website. This is a premium plugin, which offers 11 different customizing options. It is responsive all around, enables the addition of any number of groups and numbers, and the possibility to activate as many as 30 element places to the right and left of the timeline.

FrontEnd Page Builder

I will always prefer a front-end office, and I know I’m not alone in this. Sometimes it’s best to steer clear of coding and just focus on delivering neat projects, on time. If you’re basing them on a platform like WordPress, then you can enlist a WP plugin to work straight from your browser, which saves time. Check out FrontEnd Page Builder, which has tons of pre-established elements for creative professionals to play with. In addition, the client support service is downright spotless.


How do you feel about pins placed on an image. I reckon that they can be aesthetic and eye-catching, provided that they’re set up in the right manner. iMapper can help you with that, and is all the more commendable for product images of an online marketplace. Potential customers would be pleased to get intelligence about a product in such a straightforward way. Map out your images with as many pins as you wish, by shaping them up yourself, or choosing from presets.

Live Broadcast Countdown Module

Ever had to deal with Joomla websites that are supposed to herald some upcoming event or another? If you need to include a real -time countdown for live broadcasts (like Boiler Room events), then by all means, get your hands on the Live Broadcast Countdown Module, and you’ll see how simple it is to announce events.

Chat X

Communication-boosting plugins are quite useful. For WordPress websites, you can always use Chat X to back your sales and support processes. The plugin has SSL integration, so all messages are encrypted, not to mention that you can keep chat logs. The higher limit is set at 40 visitors and 10 admins who can chat at the same time, with more than one admin able to converse with a certain solicitor.


In truth, the selection of premium plugins doesn’t have to stop here. I’m sure that there are many other competent resources out there for digital creatives like us, and you probably have some favorite premium plugins of your own. Can you find any of them on this list? If so, would you care to share some glimpses into your previous experience with them? You are most welcome to comment on this article.

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    You can also try to install Responsive MotoPress Slider for your WordPress theme, I bet you will like it a lot.

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