Qards: How To Become A Visual Storyteller For A Photography Blog

Everything becomes crystal clear through the lens of a camera. Imagine if all the inspiring stories would be highlighted on a beautiful photography blog. Well, you can give a helping hand by learning how to become a powerful visual storyteller.

It’s time to expose your art on the digital window

Designed to be user-friendly for anyone, those with limited or no coding knowledge included, Qards – a smart WordPress plugin – facilitates the entire process of building a photography blog. Its main benefits even surpass the appealing visual aspect (we’re going to showcase it later) mostly because it also represents a productive platform to promote your clients’ work.


Qards is an easy-to-use visual editor plugin with a a lot of helpful features (see below) which offers you all the creative freedom you need to build up beautiful photography blogs. Basically, all you have to do is to hardly coach your ability to take witty decisions: Montserrat or Muli, insert an image or a video, Grid or Feature, Image or Text, with or without call to action? You will quickly learn how to find smart answers thanks to:

Pre-designed cards or blocks to beautifully highlight visual stories;
A bunch of fascinating fonts powered by Typekit to accompany all kind of pictures;
Editable components, such as Grid, Text, Image, Feature, to satisfy a wide range of photography blogs profiles (nature, people, products, events, you name it);
Clean and friendly interface to drive performance and set appropriate user behavior
Ready to use by anyone, with or without technical background;
Ductile backgrounds to fulfill the entire experience, such as video ones;
SEO ready to be assured that everyone will notice your dazzling images;
Fully optimized to bear upon high-resolution images;
Friendly with the most important cache plugins (W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, Quick Cache).

Designing for a photography blog is like playing hopscotch

Throw the stone, jump in one leg, then in two legs, count until 8 and you’re done. Don’t forget to have fun, ok?

Back to our design work, it’s more than fair play to know from day one that having some CSS skills will definitely help you. On the other hand, you can manage it just fine without them too.

First thing first: create a black canvas, choose a relevant name (and easy to remember) and start playing with the + symbol to select from multiple pre-designed cards. Figure it out what matches your clients’ needs and start adding to the original canvas. You can do it in a blink of an eye thanks to the drag & drop function.

Keep in mind that it’s just a matter of visual approach and ability to link the right pieces of the creative puzzle. Below is an example destined to contribute with some useful guidance.

Step 1: Add a cover image

So, let’s start with adding an image as a background. As you will see, Qards comes with a generous palette of styles, but we choose the one that you see below. If you think video backgrounds fits better for your creative vision, feel free to give them a try. People love watching short films mostly because they better understand and remember the message through images in motion.


Step 2: Add a posts grid

Now that you have an image or video in the big cover section, don’t stop here. Add some text to support the visual through a short description. Any photography blog requires sharing some juicy insights, right?

Just click the + icon from the left-corner and select the Grid section that you want to play with. Furthermore, you can press the Text button and choose the layout suitable for you in order to position the intro anywhere on the layout. However, don’t overreact with chunks of paragraphs.

For the next section of the website you can easily add images that engage conversation. In the end, we are trying to build a photography blog, right? Click the + icon, select Image from the main menu and choose the style that represents your clients’ interests.

For every pic you add you can also attach some pre-build blocks of text, duplicate and edit them all. Thus, every image has the chance to be discovered through its own written story. With other words: you will bring extra benefits for users and they will stay on your webpage.

Step 3: Add full width image and some more post grids

Back to Grid if you plan to showcase more of your clients’ work, but this time you can opt for a different pre-designed card. Keep in mind that everything is editable and easy to manage so you don’t waste valuable resources if your clients are aiming for some fine-tuning.

Step 4: Add a subscribe form

One of the business goals mentioned by your clients might be to expand the actual audience of their photography blogs. We guess that no pro photographer strives to remain a no-name and that’s exactly why we’re excited to share good news! With Qards you can add a Subscribe call to action in a flash. Also, you can edit the message of the CTA, the colors and font as well.


Evrika! Below is the overview of what we have created with Qards in a couple of minutes. Now it’s up to you to start your own creative journey. Feel free to challenge us into a battle regarding the best end results acquired with this user-friendly visual editor.

Traveler, adventurer, artsy, tech addict, digital products lover? No matter which is your clients’ profile or area of expertise and what kind of photos they enjoy to take, Qards brings the same benefits on the table, such as: clean and intuitive UI, facility and efficiency in using by anyone, a wide range of useful features and a huge playground to make the best out of it.

On top of that, with this visual editor powered by WordPress you will save time and money and your client will happily return on you with future digital projects. Why? It’s as simple as that: you shape his vision about how highly important is to have a clean design and how a stunning website can directly influence revenues.

Use Qards to creatively wrap these benefits into an impressive visual story and feel free to share it with anyone out there. People are eager to admire good looking photos on better looking websites. With Qards you check both expectations. Start now!


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