Showcase: 33 Examples of Brilliant Industrial Photography

The Industrial Revolution is a significant part of our history on this planet. It seems like a long time in retrospect, but only 100-150 years ago we were just kicking off the creation of American corporations and factories nationwide. Now we can see much of the remnants in heavily populated city areas.

In this showcase I’ve put together 33 stunning examples of industrial photography. These pictures capture the essence of our industrial society as we move forward in the 21st century. These are very inspiring photographs and really make you think about our deep, rich history in these lands. As always let us know your thoughts or ideas in the comments discussion area.

Industrial Pipes

Sunset Over Industry

Hemp Factory

Factory Units

Industrial Patriot

Sugar Factory

Abandoned Factory – Inside

Exterior Industry

Abandoned Factory Mills

Factories at Urumqi

Industrial District, Tokyo

Cloud Factory

Train Tracks

Domino Sugar

Industrial Complex

Ostrava, industrial

Metal Factory in the City

Industrial Landscape

Jersey City Industrial Park

Railroads Crossing

Sunrise on Sleepy Industry

Port of Richmond

Industrial Age

Deep Dark Trainyard

Port of Long Beach

Some Industrial Stuff

Smoke Stacks @ Sunset

Bethlehem Steel

Machine Churning Sunset

Niagara Falls

Industrial Serpentine

Small Town Business

Ratina Bay

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