Top 10 Code-Free Website Builders

When WordPress came out I thought “somebody ought to make that for websites as well” – and I’m sure I wasn’t alone. Everybody wanted to be able to create a site without learning code. Fast forward by ten years and here we are, surrounded by that very wish come true and multiplied by as many wishers out there. The good news is that the coding days are over, and I’m not talking about hybrid software like Dreamweaver, for which you didn’t need a Ph D in web design, but still had to go to college. All these softwares below allow you to create a site by clicking and dragging, just like a walk in a Photoshop park. The “bad” news is that they’re so many, you wouldn’t know which one to choose. But that is what we’re here for.




IM Creator does not require coding at all. Although there is an element that can be introduced in the form of a rectangle in which HTML can be written, that is merely a feature for nostalgics. Without registering, you can simply start making your site. Every single element on the screen is malleable. Elements can be introduced and removed with the help of the menu above. Dimensions, colors, opacity, can all be manipulated to match any requirements. Personal pictures can of course be added, as well as a multitude of elements and widgets such as videos, pictures, slideshows – which is one of the best implementations I’ve seen in the free services – and many other buttons and links. The service benefits from a customer support department as well, which includes web designers to do the work for you should you stumble on the way – a highly unlikely event, considering the multitude of options and high accessibility, not to mention the pdf manual and 60 seconds tour video that fill you in on the basics.




If quick and thorough are possible at the same time, WebStartToday is the thing you need. They focus on professional websites, and to that they have dedicated an impressive template database of over 1000 designs. A template comes with sub-templates to alter the main colors easily. The templates range over 70 business types (travel, medicine, funerals, art, cleaning) most with their own sub-categories. Once the template is chosen, it looks just like the finished site, except without the information. All you need to do is insert your own data. Speaking of data, their storage is unlimited. The service has 24/7 customer service, and it also includes SEO support.




Site summo features SEO optimization, templates, hosting and the normal services of code-free web builders. Site summo is not a free service, but it does include a 14 days trial.





One of the oldest in the branch of code-free web design, and probably one of the most popular, Wix takes pride in having over 35 million sites created to date. It keeps up to the standards with classy designs, simplicity, ease of use, lots of templates and SEO optimization. The best part is that it’s all for free. Wix is that type of service that comes out once in a while and sets a standard for future evolution, and I’d say it will linger even more among web design services.




Webydo is a very straightforward and dynamic service that lets you alter customizations in real time on two different levels: content and design. They are independent from one another, so you can actually have a designer work on your site’s design and a content writer working on your content completely independent from each other. Updates are

done separately and the changes are done in the “what you see is what you get” fashion. Sizes, shapes and colors are directly interactable and the site is up immediately after you finish it without any other steps in between. All you have to do is click “publish”.



With Aircus you can sense the new trend of web design right away just by looking at the features: big letters and relatively few elements on the screen, dominated by two colors. Aircus is defined by simplicity and speed – so much that it steps into the tablet generation, allowing you to create the backbone of your websites in less than a minute even from your phone. The options inside are not too numerous or varied. This can be a disadvantage if you’re the sophisticated type, but if you’re looking for something simple, discreet and professional, and you don’t want to spend an hour going through templates, Aircus is for you.




Want to open an online store and looking for the best and quickest service for that? MadeFreshly focuses on store websites, skipping you the fuss of going through all the other categories and countless unrelated templates. It is easy to use and right on point, with the fashionable simple look of store websites. It actually takes you by surprise: the moment you confirm your credentials, you are welcomed by a screen that says “add your product”. You can worry about design later. Templates are not many, but are customizable and they are free. Other integrated services include Google Analytics, promotion options and mobile support.




uCoz is a very versatile website builder, allowing you to build sites of any complexity: forums, blogs, portfolios, gaming websites just to name a few. This is due to their flexible system of Modules that enables you to expand the functionality of your web pages as you wish any time. uCoz offers you  a free plan that gives you everything you need to create a professionally looking website from scratch (including the ability to attach your custom domain). There are both free (more than 250) and paid premium templates on uCoz. Currently there are more that 2 million active uCoz-powered websites.




Breezi comes with something new: on the homepage they have integrated an inner search engine to match your taste with their templates. For people with taste but no design skills, they say. The search engine comes in the form of a little brain, who, after asking you what your trade is, will display you templates in great numbers, up to 60 billion matches. On the upper side of the screen there are some general customization lines, such as color, layout shapes and fonts. After knowing your tastes, it will display the results accordingly.




Yola is another premium site-builder with competitive prices and neat services. It stands out with its customer service quality – recommended for the serious businessmen who want quality without too much hassle. It is definitely worth trying – it might be the answer to many issues you’ve stumbled upon so far.












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