How to Implement AJAX Without Killing Your SEO and Accessibility Efforts

In the past few years we’ve seen a lot of changes in this big World Wide Web land, with a lot of different emerging devices, techniques and tools. HTML5, AJAX, Accessibility are the kind of stuff that just didn’t exist back when things were simpler, websites were created using front page and table tables were used to structure your layout.

A few things may sound pretty crazy now, like this old habit of creating websites using tables, but others are just equally crazy and people are still doing it, like obtrusive JavaScript.

JavaScript can be used in so many ways (especially after jQuery emerged as a must-have tool in any site) that sometimes we forget one simple and important thing: it will eventually break. Yeah, it’s that simple, one day or another it will just break.

The difference between Jedi Masters and Padawans is how prepared you are for those hard times when things don’t work as you wanted to.