E-Commerce Week Giveaway! 6 Prizes for Online Shops

This week at Vandelay Design and DesignM.ag we will be publishing content that focuses on e-commerce web design. The post frequency will be up a little bit this week and to get things started we have 6 prizes from 5 different sponsors to give away to readers!

This is a joint giveaway being done at both Vandelay Design and DesignM.ag so be sure to read the details below about how it will be run, plus you’ll obviously want to check out the great prizes that are available. All of the prizes will help you get your own e-commerce site up and running, or if you already have one, to improve it in some way.

If you’re interested in e-commerce design I hope that you will benefit from the content this week, and be sure to check out our gallery of e-commerce sites, CartFrenzy, to get some design inspiration.

Prizes Being Given Away:

Shopp Plugin for WordPress

Shopp is a premium WordPress plugin that will allow you to run an e-commerce site on WordPress. It has a ton of features that will allow you to set up the shop to suit your needs. One winner will get a free license for the plugin.

Shopp Plugin

Magento Theme and Widget from Silverthemes

Silverthemes offers premium Magento themes, widgets, and related services. They currently have 14 themes and 6 widgets available for purchase. One winner will get to select a theme and a widget of their choice.



Premium Magento Theme from MagThemes.com

MagThemes offers free and premium Magento themes. They currently have 10 premium themes available for purchase. One winner will get a free premium theme of their choice.



E-Commerce Template from AlgoZone

AlgoZone offers premium templates/themes for osCommerce, Zen Cart, CRE Loaded and Magento. They have a very large selection to choose from, with templates for all kinds of different shops. One winner will get to choose from the templates that are priced at $150 and below.



Shopify Themes from ThemeForest

ThemeForest is a leading provider of premium themes and templates for a wide variety of platforms, as well as general HTML/CSS templates. They currently have 9 Shopify themes available for purchase. ThemeForest is giving away $25 in free credits to two winners that can be used to purchase the Shopify theme of your choice.



The Rules:

This giveaway is being held at both Vandelay Design and Designm.ag. There will be 6 winners in total, 3 from the comments at each site. Each person who wishes to enter the contest may enter twice, once at Vandelay Design and once at DesignM.ag, by leaving a comment.

In order to match winners up with their preferred prize, we are asking that you specify in your comments which prizes you would like to win and in what order. If there is only one prize that you are interested in, then just list one. If you would be happy with any of the prizes, then please rank them from 1 to 5 (one being your first choice and 5 being your last choice).

On Friday, July 31 I will pull random numbers to determine the 3 winners at each site. The first winner selected will get the prize of their choice. The second winner will get their preferred prize that is still available, and so on until all 6 winners and prizes have been matched up.

When the winners have been determined I will post an announcement at both Vandelay Design and DesignM.ag. Good luck! (Here is a direct link to the giveaway at Vandelay Design so you can comment there if you would like.)

Steven Snell

Stephen Snell is the owner and editor of Vandelay Design. Connect with Stephen on google+