Announcing the Winners from the E-Commerce Week Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who left a comment to participate in the e-commerce week giveaway. There were some great prizes that had been donated and here are the six winners:

BrookeShopp Plugin for WordPress
Juggles – Magento theme and widget from Silverthemes
Sonali Agrawal – Premium template from AlgoZone
Welshstew – Magento theme from MagThemes
Vincent – Shopify theme from ThemeForest
Jorde – Shopify theme from ThemeForest

E-Commerce Week Giveaway! 6 Prizes for Online Shops

This week at Vandelay Design and we will be publishing content that focuses on e-commerce web design. The post frequency will be up a little bit this week and to get things started we have 6 prizes from 5 different sponsors to give away to readers!

This is a joint giveaway being done at both Vandelay Design and so be sure to read the details below about how it will be run, plus you’ll obviously want to check out the great prizes that are available. All of the prizes will help you get your own e-commerce site up and running, or if you already have one, to improve it in some way.

If you’re interested in e-commerce design I hope that you will benefit from the content this week, and be sure to check out our gallery of e-commerce sites, CartFrenzy, to get some design inspiration.

Win Free Business Cards Courtesy of UPrinting


If you’re looking to impress some potential clients by handing them a high-quality business card, you could be in luck. UPrinting has offered to give 1,000 free business cards each to five readers of We ran a giveaway from UPrinting at Vandelay Design a few weeks ago and the response was very positive from designers who need new cards, so UPrinting has offered to extend the giveaway to help out 5 more people.

Win a Free License for Fanurio Time Tracking and Invoicing Software

A few weeks ago we ran a giveaway on Vandelay Design for free licenses to Fanurio‘s time tracking and invoicing software. That giveaway drew a great response from readers, so I’ve teamed up with Fanurio to give away another four free licenses here at

Fanurio Time Tracking and Invoicing

Win Free Flash Components from

Flashmint has offered to give free Flash components to five readers of If you’re not familiar with, they offer a variety of premium Flash templates, Flash CMS templates and Flash components. There you can also find templates for CMSs, such as WordPress, osCommerce and Joomla.

Announcing the Launch of 5 Niche Galleries

Today I’m happy to announce that I have launched a network of five niche gallery sites! Many of us visit design and CSS galleries on a consistent basis for design inspiration, and there is no shortage of galleries to choose from. Some of my favorite galleries are those that exist to showcase work of a specific kind (We Love WP is a good example, it is a showcase of WordPress-powered sites).

Niche galleries are especially useful for designers because they allow you to get the specific type of inspiration that you are looking for without being overwhelmed by too much that doesn’t interest you. You can go to a niche gallery and quickly find helpful and relevant inspiration that applies to your own situation. With that in mind, I have chosen five topics for galleries that I thought would be of use to many designers.

If you have any interest in some of these types of design, please check out what has been posted already and subscribe to the feed or follow on Twitter. Each gallery has been launched with more than 30 showcased items and they will be updated consistently (The amount of new additions will depend partly on how many quality submissions are received, so please feel free to submit your work for consideration. Ideally, there will be about 10 additions each week per gallery).

Minimal Exhibit

Minimal Exhibit

Some of the most popular posts that have ever been published on the Vandelay Design blog are the collections of websites with a minimalist design style. Minimal Exhibit is a niche gallery that showcases only sites with excellent use of minimalism in the design.

Win Free Stickers from PsPrint

PsPrint has offered to give away a free pack of stickers to one reader. If you’re not familiar with PsPrint, they offer a variety of printing services including business cards, brochures, door hangers, menus, and much more in addition to stickers. The pack being offered will include 250 stickers that are 3 inches x 3 inches with a design of your own. With shipping, this pack usually costs around $100.

$2,500 Giveaway from ProofHQ

ProofHQ has offered to give a total of $2,500 in credit to some lucky readers! Five readers will win $500 each in credit that can be used towards any plan with ProofHQ.