$2,500 Giveaway from ProofHQ

ProofHQ has offered to give a total of $2,500 in credit to some lucky DesignM.ag readers! Five readers will win $500 each in credit that can be used towards any plan with ProofHQ.


What is ProofHQ?

If you’re not familiar with ProofHQ, it aims to make the process of design review and approval much easier for everyone involved. Using ProofHQ you can create proofs from a variety of file types, get feedback from others, and ultimately get the design approved in a more efficient manner. With ProofHQ reviewers and designers can leave comments and feedback in an organized fashion that is more efficient than emailing back and forth.


ProofHQ has a number of different plans in order to meet the needs of various freelancers and design firms. Pricing ranges from a free plan to $499 per month for a corporate plan. Freelancers and small design studios have several low-cost options to choose from that will provide an adequate number of proofs and storage space. Each plan comes with a 14 day free trial (no credit card or contract required).

The Giveaway:

ProofHQ is giving $500 in credit to five different winners. As a point of reference, the Solo plan (60 proofs per month and 1GB of storage) goes for $29 per month. The $500 in credit would equal almost a year and a half of usage on this plan.

To enter the contest, please leave a comment on this post completing the following statement: “Good design is. . . ” So be creative and share your own opinions on what defines good design.

On Monday, May 18th the people from ProofHQ will select the winners and this post will be updated. Please leave a valid email address with your comment so we can contact you if you win.

Good luck!

UPDATE: The contest is over and ProofHQ has chosen the winners. Here they are:

Graeme – “Good design is timeless.”
Steve Robillard – “Good design clearly communicates its intended message to its intended audience as simply as possible.”
Theron Luhn – “Good design gives pixels a voice, and text a smile.”
Sid – “Good design is good business.”
Kerigme – “Good design is what I do :)”

Thanks to everyone for participating, and congratulations to the winners (you will be contacted by email)!

Steven Snell

Stephen Snell is the owner and editor of Vandelay Design. Connect with Stephen on google+

  • Good design is timeless.

  • Good design is pure as nature.

  • Good design clearly communicates its intended message to its intended audience as simply as possible.

  • Good design is transient. Great design is everlasting.

  • fecsx

    good design is simple

  • Good design is what makes the visitors feel good the moment they see it.

  • Good design is – oh fuck it

  • Mampranx

    Good design is a sexy communication with application.

  • Philip W

    Good design is having your grandma get to point “a” to point “z” and making that transaction without any pain.

  • Good design is passionate, artistic, unique, pleasing to the senses and edible.

  • Good design is only limited by one’s ability to imagine.

  • Good design is in the details

  • Good design gives pixels a voice, and text a smile.

  • Good design is innovative.

  • good design is what keeps the internet from turning into evil spaghetti monsters.

  • Sid

    Good design is good business.

  • Good design is simplicity and creativity; subtle changes and drastic measures. Good design is something extraordinary!

    -barbarabaker 🙂

  • Good design is essential to converting surfers into customers by drawing them into the web site.

  • Good design is the funnel in which imagination becomes a tangible concept. A process that takes carbon and makes diamonds.

  • LeGaS

    Good design is unique and user friendly.

  • Good Design is good for your site.

    Plain and simple. Similar to “Good Food is good for your health.”

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  • kanzai

    Good design is what makes the visitors feel good the moment they see it.

  • Good design is unique, eye-catching and should make you smile!

  • Good design is simply art

  • Good design is your imagination brought to life.

  • design is a symphony of colours .. shapes .. ideas and dedication

  • Good design is good business.

  • benem

    Good design is timeless!

  • Good Design Is Art, Poetry Without Words…

  • Obiwan Kennobi

    good design is freedom for the spirit and enlightenment for the eye

  • Diogo Duarte

    Good design is the union between needs, information and aesthetics, in order to make something usable and greater than the simple parts together.

  • Good design makes it’s content stronger

  • Matt

    Good design is unchanging.

  • Good design is clear and comprehensive.

  • Good design is the result of collaboration between the client and the designer.

  • Good design is having the least amount of further modifications required each time it is viewed/used.

  • Good design is everlasting.

  • Kari Thompson

    Good design is forever.

  • Good design is simplicity…

  • Heman

    Good design is a proud moment for a designer.

  • Good design is a good idea.

  • Good design is there but invisible

  • Guilherme

    Good design is what the world is all about.

  • kerigme

    Good design is what I do 🙂

  • Good design is appreciated by everyone.

  • Good design is something which doesn’t get in the way of the message being conveyed.

  • Good design is strong message with story!

  • Tom

    Good design is like sex – makes happy.

  • Good design is barely achieved by many and created wisely by few. It becomes good when it shows what’s behind and feels close to its target while allowing them to make a good use of it and not complicating user’s compatibility, standards and usability.

  • Good design is provocative simplicity.

  • abdullah mamun

    Good design is the ultimate imagination and appropriate implementation.

  • Good design is what makes the visitors feel good the moment they see it.

    Good design is like sex

  • Good design is something hardly seen on the web, but it is getting better 😉

  • I just wanted to say thank you for the great prize. I was really surprised to be picked as one of the winners, since I always considered myself a developer who did some design and usability work.

  • Kerigme


    I’m so happy be picked as one of the winners!

    I’m still wondering if I’ll be a Theologian or a Web Designer next year… but I would really love to do Good Design ^^

  • Kerigm,

    interesting choice I used to work for the Anglican Diocese of Montreal. I can tell you that it is not uncommon for the minister to wear both hats. However, one is a much higher calling – good luck with your choice.

  • it’s over? well i think…
    Good design is meaningful and useful.
    Perfect design is God.

  • Good design is always memorable.

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