Win $199 Stock Photo Account from Pixmac!

Pixmac has offered to give away $199 stock photo accounts to 3 lucky readers.

About Pixmac

Pixmac is here to be the fastest, most usable and reliable microstock agency out there…anywhere in the image marketplace. So if you’re looking for best picture or just trying to sell your best shot, Pixmac is your perfect tool, with accurate search results and lots of help for you at every step.

Here are some great examples of their photos.

PRIZE: 3 $199 Pixmac Accounts

* Stock Photos
* Royalty Free
* High Quality
* 11 million+ Photos


* Leave a comment
* Tell us why you want to win


* Contest ends on December 17, 2010.
* Winners selected at random

Be sure to checkout Pixmac even if you don’t win the $199 subscription.

Good luck!

Chris Stark

68 thoughts on “Win $199 Stock Photo Account from Pixmac!”

  1. great giveaway, can never have enough high quality stock photos. I would like to win so I can use the imagery in 3 projects I currently have going. Thanks!

  2. Cool! I’d like to win because I am in the process of rebranding my blog and recreating imagery for my freelance endeavor before I move to Brooklyn in 2011. It’s always helpful to have a great set of photos in you arsenal.

  3. I work for a church and we are always in need of graphics…it can be so expensive and it would be awesome to know that for a little while we could download whatever we wanted without worrying how much it was going to cost us!

  4. Oh wow, I would love to win because I need new stock photos. My current ones are getting old, it’s time to bring “new blood” in… Thanks!

  5. I love this giveaway. I want to win one of the Pixmac Accounts, because I need always new & good photos for my und my parents projects.

  6. Nice Giveaway … never underestimate the power of high quality stock images. I would love to win to have a source for quality images that I can work into my current projects.

  7. We are a hands-on technical college and having access to current relative assets for projects is so important, but budget often prevents this from happening. Students would be so appreciative to have a Pixmac subscription. Great images and art! Thanks for your consideration.

  8. i’m getting more and more into photo manipulations for my/my company’s printwork, but having more and more trouble finding useful photos! would love to test-drive this site!

  9. I’m starting a new design company and this would be a great help. Plus a break from paying a fortune for stock photos would help out tremendously!

  10. I really love working on photomanipulations and deviantart have great stock but not always what you want. Unfortunatelly, i’m still a student who doesn’t work so i can’t get pics from anywhere else.At least the free ones are not what i want. It would be so great to get this, and create more work!^^ Photomanip rocks!

  11. Well, IΒ΄m just starting my own freelance business as graphic designer while IΒ΄m still a student…So this account would be such a great help for a succesful start, when I have so many other investitions! Love using unusual photo conceptions in my designs…

  12. I’d love to win as you can never have too many stock images – plus it’s the season to be jolly, and this would make me very jolly!

  13. I’d love to have more images on hand to develop promotional materials for a new non-profit. This would ensure money raised would go directly to the dogs – quite literally – including strays and those abandoned.

  14. I am imageholic. I always want the most appropriate image for the specific context. Many times finding it can take me hours. This is the reason why I want to win, not just for the images, but for enjoying the selection process, having more images for my projects and using them allowing me saying much more with less words. To me this would be one superb Christmas gift!!!

  15. as an illustrator, I am always in need of good reference photos. I am a lousy photographer so having access to quality stock would be most helpful.

  16. I would love to win an account with Pixmac because they seem to have a diverse range of images. They also seem to have better deals than other sites like iStock, and are more affordable. I think it’s awesome that Pixmac also has a small collection of free stock photos for use. As a young, freelance designer, this prize would help me greatly with my resources.

  17. Wow! I’d use it like a champ for work. I’m the web content manager for a hospital’s philanthropy department, and we’re always in need of great images, especially for our new fundraising events that don’t have a stack of awesome, engaging photos to go with ’em.

  18. I do a lot of email/print marketing and PixMac’s library would be a great source to leverage for this work as it boasts a well-rounded and robust collection of stock and vector files!

  19. I want to win because my business is to help small company to develop their business via Internet and cprinted documents.
    It’s really hard for my small company to buy great photos to help our customers and propose great new and “not seen” photos.
    So it could help us to develop and then why not create jobs.

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