Win a $100 coupon from Sticker Mule!

Sticker Mule has offered to give one lucky reader $100 worth of free custom stickers.

Sticker Mule is the easiest place online to create custom stickers and skins. They fix artwork issues for free and provide free shipping anywhere in the US. Their products are made using the best print technology. The result? Full color printing at really low costs. Whether you need 50 or 500,000 stickers, nothing beats the mule.

Benefits of using Sticker Mule

-Full color printing
-No print is too complicated. They can perfectly match a high resolution photo.
-Easily Removable – stickers are made from a special material that easily peels off any surface.
-Fade Resistant – they use a special coating so that printing lasts 3 – 5 years without fading.
-Low cost.

To enter this contest simply make a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen on Friday July 30, 2010. Anyone can enter the contest but the stickers must ship to an address in the United States. Good Luck!

Chris Stark

  • So cute!

  • woo! stickers! 🙂

  • I have a couple projects that I would love to print as stickers. Thanks.

  • Luca

    Sticker Mule FTW

  • Pretty sweet deal! Fancy, custom stickers for my childrens’ school supplies. I know I’ll have more custom sticker orders after the parents see these….

  • Dan

    stickers kickass!

  • Uncleserb

    Sweeeet, I love stickaz! 😉 Wouldn’t mind some of my own!

  • I <3 STICKERS.

  • I could use some stickers!

  • Diana Q

    oh shucks, the stickers are so cute!

  • Would love to try them out.

  • Ash

    everybody loves stickers…

  • Alfredo Arriaza

    cool thanks fot this chance to win 🙂

  • Dylan Cook

    This would be handy for the next Comic Con I sell at.

  • [Insert generic comment here]

    I’d love some stickers.

  • I like!

  • You forgot the http:// by the link to If you click you get and page that not existed on your site..

    To bad that I cannot win because i’m from europe 🙁

  • Lucas Vazquez

    Me like! n_n

  • Who doesn’t need some custom stickers? I know I need some!

  • thanks, fixed the link

  • This is pretty cool. I may be ordering something from here whether I win or not.

  • I need some too!

  • I <3 Stickers!

  • Oh man that would be fun to use.

  • Sarah

    love stickers!

  • custom stickers sounds cool!

  • Super fun!!!

  • Great contest!

  • I eat mules

  • Great site and contest idea.

  • It would be amazing to win this! Those stickers look awesome.

  • Joseph Jaramillo

    great idea thanks!

  • This looks super fun. I’ve always wanted to make my own custom stickers. Usually I’ve just hand drawn them using USPS stickers, but this would be DOPE.

  • Who couldn’t use some free custom stickers.

  • Vincent K.

    Let me win.

  • Ooh – thanks for the heads up. I have been looking for someone to produce full colour die cut stickers for some time now. Glad to have made a discovery!

  • Yayyyy stickers!

  • Ryan Selvy

    I’m glad Sticker Mule is finally getting some massive public media attention. They’re awesome. But if I get a $100 coupon they’re even awesome-er-er.

  • I love stickers. Collecting stickers from different countries has always been one of my hobby!

  • Cool idea! Thanks guys!

  • Count me in. I could really use these to promote my services!

  • goonnow

    Sticker is Sticky

  • goonnow

    Sticker is very Sticky.

  • Nice, thats a fun idea and cool stickers!

  • TheWebinator

    OOO I like stickers!! 😀

  • Great, thanks!

  • pick me pick me! My hubby is starting a company and his logo (designed by yours truly: ) would look awesome on stickers!

  • A contest worth entering!

    I ordered a sample pack a few weeks ago. Really top notch stuff.

  • Cool! I’m in 😀

  • I checked out sticker mule’s site and it’s totally what I have been looking for. I have 2 clients who are right now looking for stickers.
    How awesome is that?

  • I will definitely check stickermule out for stickers!

  • Would love to check out the mule!

  • Huge sticker fan and creator, hope I win!

  • My laptop is waiting for some~~!

  • martha


  • Ooh New Stickers yay!

  • Paul

    are sticker mules anything like drug mules?

  • These are must haves for me!

  • Woho! Hope I win! Wish me luck duck!

  • Steve Robillard

    I would love these. I could send security stickers for exams to my clients.

  • Sweet, I could really use these to promote my business. My wife and I are trying for another kid in a few months, I need to ramp up and get some new clients.

  • Yay, stickers!!!

  • I really love ’em stickers.

  • I love stickers!

  • yey stickers

  • Who doesn’t love stickers… apart from parents whose kids stick them all over the place 😛

  • I love stickers!

  • I’m in:)

  • need need need ;P

  • Jordan

    Sticker Mule Rules!

  • How awesome is this, what a great give away! Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  • Holly

    I heart stickers! 🙂 pick me, pick!

  • Holly

    I heart stickers! 🙂 pick me, pick me!

  • Hope

    Great idea for fundraisers!

  • Very cool!!! Love custom stickers.

  • Wonderful.. I’d love to get one customer sticker for my website so i share along it with my readers.
    Great giveaway.


  • Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • I would love to win stickers for my new website!

  • momomax

    Want it !!! Want it !!! 🙂

  • Ben

    Dude if i meet a girl that was a sticker i would marry her.

  • I like stickers. and mules.

  • Thanks for the opportunity! I already have some great ideas as to what I would like to use them for.

  • hmm never heard of this site, but sounds promising. thanks!

  • Brilliant! count me in please!

  • I want to use all $100 worth of stickers on my laptop

  • njlg

    Custom Stickers? Awesome!

  • trina

    i could use some custom stickers! cool!

  • john

    Yeah Stickers

  • Stickers – yes!!!

  • These are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  • man, i hope im not too late to enter on this!!!

  • This giveaway has ended. Congrats to jaime.radar for winning the $100 off. It is by pure coincidence that the final entry one. We use a random system for determining the winner.


  • Doug

    sure would love some free custom stickers

  • I have a couple projects that I would love to print as stickers. Thanks.

  • Lydia Mackey

    Who doesn’t love stickers 🙂

  • Joe Jaramillo

    thanks, i need some stickers!

  • Chris

    count me in!

  • Stickers all over the city … gonna be fun. 🙂