Win a Free Copy of Clientophilic Freelancing!

Freelance School has offered to give away 5 free copies of their new e-book Clientophilic Freelancing. The book focuses on the art of selling the client. With 89 pages this book is an in-depth exploration of how to pitch and close the sale.

This book will help you:

* Leverage client interaction to score projects
* Become a better communicator
* Increase rapport and connection between you and your clients
* Drive you to more projects and greater freelancing success

Normally priced at $19 we’ve got 5 copies to give away absolutely free! With 5 copies available everyone has a great chance to win. Tell your friends! To enter this contest please make a comment on this post. The winner will be selected on Friday July 16, 2010.

Chris Stark

  • Very very interesting. Nice action and beautiful book.

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    thanks btw.

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  • Stephen Orr

    This could be useful for me, that’s for sure. I’m just starting out as a freelancer (meaning I still work full time) and help building client relationships would definitely be useful for the future!

  • GermΓ‘n ChΓ‘vez

    This kind of tools are the basis for every enterprenour that is starting their own business. Im starting my creative shop and most of times I’ve got stucked in bad vommunication proyects, I dont have selling tools and my
    presentation are lack of business driven criteria. With INE of this books I thing I will start closing deals.

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  • goonnow

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  • Ankit Bathija

    Great stuff!! Best of luck to everyone!

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    Why not enlight me ? ^_^

  • Could so use this book. Have the hardest time with client communications.

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  • Jeremy Boyer

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  • David Naeve

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  • CΓ©sar Franjul

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  • Looks like a very interesting book. Something I’ve always wanted to learn more about is how to build lasting client relationships, that can result in you either securing work or getting repeat work from clients so this looks like it’d be very useful!

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  • Geoff Spink

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