Win Free Stock Photo Credits from DepositPhotos

Stock photos are frequently needed by designers, and DepositPhotos has offered to give away $20 in free credits to ten readers of!


If you are not familiar with DepositPhotos, they offer high quality stock photos, vectors and graphics at affordable prices. Photographers and designers can also register to sell their work and receive 40-60% commissions, plus up to $100 just for adding their work to the site.

At DepositPhotos you can buy credits and pay as you go, or upgrade to a subscription plan to get photos for as little as $0.10 each. Currently they are offering a 14-day free trial to the subscription service, which allows you to download 10 images per day. Also, every purchase using a credit brings you second bonus image which you can use at any time. Images at DepositPhotos can even be purchased by SMS by sending short text messages

Rules of the Contest:

To enter the contest all you need to do is leave a comment on this post. You can tell us why you need the photos, how you will use them, or simply state that you would like to enter. Also, the people at DepositPhotos have requested to receive your feedback on their site and service, so feel free to comment on that as well. On Friday, February 12th I will use a random number generator to select the 10 winners. This post will be updated at that time and the winners will be notified by email.

If you haven’t visited DepositPhotos before, please take a moment to see what is available there.

UPDATE: The contest is now over. Thank you to everyone who participated. The winners are:

Steven Snell

Stephen Snell is the owner and editor of Vandelay Design. Connect with Stephen on google+

58 thoughts on “Win Free Stock Photo Credits from DepositPhotos”

  1. Hi, I’m freelancer for over a decade now. I remember verywell in beggining how we ujsed back than it was called “Photonica” than later in years “Iconica” took it over – so from then to now I build up my style in my work/design and in any storytelling-first immpresion – UI – RIA – web graphic – you need not good – not great – but THE BEST PHOTO you can get that is aye-catching for you – your client’s will love it for that – and PAY WITH NO REGRETS. So never think twice when it comes time when you need a the best possible photo and don’t pinch pennies for it – it will pay back more than you thin – and that is my reson why I ALLEAYS need credit for this kind f stuff

  2. I thought I’d discovered all the great stock photo sites, but this one’s new to me. I much prefer the deposit method of image purchasing. I found quite a few images I have not seen on other sites. If I don’t win, I’ll be subscribing.

  3. New stock image site! Sweet!
    Currently I’m in my last semester as a graphic design student and need lots of high quality stock images. Pick me! I would love to have free stock on the budget I’m on!

  4. I’ve been downloading free stock images from other sites. DepositPhotos has a good collection of quality stock photos. Would definitely like to give it a try.

  5. Hello!
    I’m teaching myself graphic design as a career change, and I hope to use it for my blog, for my projects, freelance work, and volunteer work. I hope to volunteer my time and skills to organizations such as NGO’s and NPO’s as well as smaller groups and individuals So…the photos would be a lot of help.

    But hey, it’s all up to the random number generator so I might as well have said:

    Have a lovely day and thank you for making this contest! I’m sure it will help someone.

  6. I use a lot of stock images for my projects. I know and I find it very easy to search for images and has all the features found at all major stock image sites. One thing tough, I would increase the number of thumbnails displayed on the page and that’s, again, a common thing to most stock sites. Anyway, I would love to get some credits!!

  7. I’m a student, just finishing the studies and starting my career. This would be a great jumpstart.

  8. I m designer, need to use royalty free stock photo. So choose me for your free credits. I like the image collection of site. Good one!

  9. This is a great contest, and I use a lot of images in my blogs, and always looking for new great images. DepositPhotos have many wonderful pictures and it´s always great to have the oppertunity to win something useful as this..

  10. I just discovered DepositPhotos around two weeks ago and was very happy to find another stock photo resource I can search from whenever I need stock photos for my designs… and of course, winning the free credits would be a treat! 😀

    The first thing that had me curious about the site is the ability to buy images by SMS. I am, however, a little bit confused about the process of buying credits using this method and really do hope that more information could be published (e.g. Is it available internationally?). The search function of the site could also be improved to be more intuitive by adding auto-complete/suggested keywords and a way to clarify search keywords (like the one in istockphoto) to have more precise results.

  11. I want these credits! I use photos to make my projects (brochures, graphic advertising, etc.). I didn’t know about DepositPhotos, I’m going to have look right now!

  12. I just got an email the other day indicating that the company I have used for stock photos is “closing their doors” – this would be a nice way to try out a new stock photo provider.

  13. I have recently started my own website where i will have different articles and tutorials so it would come in very handy to me :=)
    But no matter who wins, good luck to everyone! 😀

  14. Who COULDN’T use stock photos? I certainly could use them… I have a handful of brochure and flyer projects to complete and would love to get a hold of some access to stock photographs.

    Good luck to me!!! (No offense to anyone else) 😉

  15. Their site looks better than the one I currently use. Bookmarked them and will go back tomorrow to check them out more. With website & brochure projects, stock photos are always needed!

  16. I’m editor at and I use photos for my posts… I’m also a DepositPhotos contributor. Interesting their aggressive campaign with adv, strong affiliation program, promotional program for photographer.

  17. Looks like there are some good quality photos on the site….many of these would come in handy for my upcoming blog project.

  18. Who of us struggling designers wouldn’t be able to use some free photo credit. I have some really small clients, doing some awesome community work. I do free work for them all the time. This would be a God-send for them and me.

  19. thanks for this opportunity i need this subscription because i never had a chance like this

    thanks guys

  20. Count me in for the contest. I am in the middle of making lots of websites and these images would come in so handy. Fingers crossed my number gets selected.

    Thank you for this opportunity.


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