A Close Look at What Mockup.io is all About

App mockups are easy to create. They encourage good communication and assist in identifying design problems early on. And they provide an excellent method of usability testing.

Mockup.io is a mobile UI prototyping and presentation app that performs three interwoven functions. First, it enables the user to upload a number of mockups for presentation. The mockups are realistically displayed in simulated iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Android devices frames. Second, all the functions and features of future app can be interactively examined, tested, adjusted, or managed. Third, Mockup.io iOS and Android apps enable UI tests on the real devices as a final check.


Mockup.io also serves as a seamless management and team collaboration tool. The mockup displays can be used to make any project publicly viewable, or to demonstrate design ideas or project status for clients. What is being viewed is more than just a presentation; it is an interactive app mockup design work station.


What Makes Mockup.io Tick?

Once you have signed up for Mockup.io, which requires nothing more than your name, e-mail and a password, you are ready to upload your app design mockups to your project. Just choose one of opted devices you’re going to prototype for: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android Phone, Android Tablet  or Custom device. All the uploaded mockups are automatically presented in stylish simulated devices frames.


Presentations – Interactive prototypes can be created by linking hotspot and setting variable transition animations between screens. Long mockup presentations are simulated as scrollable screens. Fixed zones should be defined manually depending on the context.

Mockup.io fully supports animated GIF files so you can add more interactivity to your prototype: show customised UI animations or extraordinary transitions.


App Icon Preview – Creating app prototype is not only about mockups and links. App Icon display plays a critical role in app acceptance by the using community, and can have huge impact on sales volumes. To choose the icon that looks best on the home screen or on the App Store upload several icons and choose the most attractive one. This opportunity is available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch prototypes. Preview for Android app icons is around the corner.


UI testing – One of the most crucial tasks for UI designer is to guide the user through the app to fulfil desired goal. The most convincing way to test usability is to simulate the application in realistic environment. With Mockup.io you may run your prototypes directly on the desired device within the native iOS and Android apps. There is also an opportunity to take snapshots of hand drawn app mockups to add them to the project in the iOS App.

Team Collaboration – Preview presentations is an excellent team collaboration platform. Team members can be given the opportunity to examine and comment on prototypes and run the prototypes as well.


Mockups Management Using Folders – Your project will be easier to manage if you use folders to keep things organized. New versions of existing mockups can be uploaded and placed in the appropriate folders. While the organization system within the project is totally up to the project owner.


The use of customisable tags greatly simplifies file management. They can be renamed, reordered, recoloured or added new. This is an especially important feature during team activities such as idea sharing and feedback sessions, where files are most apt to be added to or edited. Preset tag categories include Draft, Approved, Implemented, Problem, and Unlabeled.

Project Settings – Invoking the Project Settings Menu allows you to open a project to public access, team access, or simulate your prototype in an iOS or Android native app. The simulation feature works for project team members only. You can define your project’s type with settings featuring drop down menus: iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, or Custom device. This allows to prototype for any mobile accessory.

Every project entered is private by default. It is completely up to you to determine who is invited to participate in a project or view a presentation.


Plans and Support 

There are currently three different plans. Each plan includes full Mockup.io feature set, and there is no limit to the number of team members that can participate.

The Freelancer Plan is Free of Charge. This is the ideal plan for an app developer or designer who is working with the team and clients on one project. Subscribers to the Freelancer Plan can use Mockup.io for 1 project, with a total of 20 mockups per project. This plan is a perfect way to try the platform, since it provides full features set and no limitations on team members.

The Team Plan, priced at $19/month, allows 10 projects with up to 100 mockups, while the Business Plan ($49/month) sets the limits at 50 projects with as many as 250 mockups per project. Whether you choose the Team Plan or the Business Plan depends on the number and size of the projects you will be working on.

You can always upgrade or downgrade from one plan to another, and you can switch to another plan at any time, whether it is an upgrade or a downgrade. All of your existing data is kept when you switch.

Questions and feedback can be submitted to the support team via email. An email form is available within Mockup.io. The support team’s objective is to respond to all emails within a few hours of their receipt.

PayPal is the medium for making payments when a paid plan is selected, and the billing period begins on the day payment is made. Updates are made on a regular basis. The current version of Mockup.io is 3.1.

A Prototyping and Presentation App that Does a Lot

If you are an app developer or designer who relies on prototyping, Mockup.io can be a very useful tool to have at your disposal, and it can be a real timesaver as well. If you work alone, and one project, the Free Plan would work best for you. If you are on a team, you can still use the free plan to get started, although you may eventually need to upgrade.

In any case, this mobile UI prototyping and presentation app is well worth trying, and it is highly recommended for use by teams working together on one or more projects. Team size is not a limitation at all, and a fairly sizable number of projects can be managed using this app. Give it a try, and let us know how it works for you.


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