Ads Pro – A WordPress Ad Manager Plugin Worth Considering

What Ads Pro can do for You

Ads Pro is a WordPress plugin web publishers and blog owners can use to create, purchase, manage, and sell advertising. Its responsive templates enable users to create a wide range of ad types and spaces.

Ads Pro automates the process of buying ads through the use of a front end order form, and of selling ads, using any of three billing models. More than 25 ready-to-use templates are included, and among the more than 30 useful features are ad management and scheduling features to control when, where, and how an ad is to be displayed.


Ads Pro Most Important Features and Highlights

Automation of the Advertising Process

You won’t find it listed separately among its 30+ features, but the greatest benefit Ads Pro brings to the table lies in a combination of several of the features that performs the most useful feature of this plugin. It automates the advertising process.

More than a few website publishers have become accustomed to managing their ad campaigns manually, or relying on others to manage their ads for them. These same publishers have also lacked the flexibility they would like as to how, where, and when ads can be displayed. Buying, selling, and creating ads have traditionally been addressed by three different processes.

Ads Pro combines these processes into a single package. In doing so, the website owner has total control over the ad process. It gives AdSense users many more options for placement of these types of ads than Google does. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at the front end, where much of what happens begins.

Starting at the Front End

It all starts with the AJAX Frontend Order form. This is not a complicated form at all; and once you have filled it in, your ad will be displayed. An especially nice feature Ads Pro has provided is the opportunity for you to submit a test order form to see for yourself how easily the process works, before making a decision to buy it.

Flexibility in Ad Display


The opportunities to buy or sell ads, create ads, and schedule ad displays automatically through the use of a single plugin can in itself be a huge time saver, but the flexibility Ads Pro offers is another reason for its popularity, in that it gives the publisher an amazingly  wide range of options.

Ads can be shown on some pages and hidden on others, they can be programmed to be displayed before or after posts, or they can be displayed at random.  There are more than 20 different options available for displaying ads, ranging from displaying ads singly, in groups, on grids, or in sliders or sidebars, to floating ads, hovering ads, corner peel ads and random ads; and there are more. Any standard ad format can be used, including video.

Ads can be managed to give buyers editing privileges, a feature many would expect, yet they can be protected from being modified or hidden by unauthorized parties. You can also choose to give ads for free.

Ad Layouts



The Ads Pro plugin includes 25+ mobile-friendly, 100% responsive ad templates. A multi-language capability, along with a multi-currency feature, makes this WordPress plugin an ideal tool for global commerce websites or global advertising enterprises.

 Ads Pro Dashboard



At the backend, the Ads Pro Dashboard enables the user to track ad status and statistics such as pending ads, pending sites, number of impressions and clicks, CTR, and total earnings. The dashboard also tracks ad content buyer stats and order details, it enables editing of CPC, CPM, and CPD input, and it is a tool you can use to create a new ad, with a live preview.

Payment and Billing Options



PayPal or the recently-added Bank Transfer feature are the two payment options, while the 3 billing options consist of cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), and cost per day (CPD).

Other Noteworthy Features

Ads Pro enables you to display an ad space via Visual Composer, it enables users to add their own HTML/JavaScript code using the HTML template, it is an extremely user friendly plugin, and you will like the quick response and helpful assistance the support team provides.

Should You Consider Purchasing Ads Pro?

As you can see, Ads Pro is an impressive WordPress plugin that is well worth adding to your kit of website or blog development tool. It is not only saves time be automating so many functions that have traditionally had to be performed manually, but it is an excellent business management tool as well.

Test the front end of the product yourself by submitting an order form to see how the process works, and visit the Ads Pro website for a detailed description of its many useful features.





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