Deals You Can’t Miss in 2015

Let’s start off 2015 the right way, shall we? We’ve got a list of some of the most useful deals for this New Year and we’re about to share it with you. All of the deals listed below are sure to make your life as a web professional better and a lot easier, all the while improving the quality of your work.

1. Mighty Deals


If your browse through Mighty Deals’ customer testimonials you’ll find that they all love it for being simple to use, extremely efficient for promoting deals and very useful for getting your hands on the best deals available. Here’s how this all began: the team over at Mighty Deals love deals as much as the next person, but at one point they got tired of browsing through deals that weren’t really helpful for supplying their needs and they decided to get together and create a more useful deal website. Mighty Deals offer amazing deals on products that web professionals actually want and need and all you have to do in order to get them is browse through their website and choose, no registration or fees required. The amazing deal they’ve got going right now is a 45% discount of the amazing Nimva WordPress theme. This elegant and professional theme is the perfect choice for all business or portfolio website owners out there. Nimva is flexible and incredibly robust and you will be able to customize it to your needs all on your own with the help of the extensive tutorials included in the offer. Don’t miss out the chance to give your website a complete makeover for just $27. Also, if you have your own tools, apps or resources that you’d like to promote, just submit your deal to Mighty Deals and you’re sure to get the exposure you desire. Register for the Mighty Deals newsletter and always be up to date with all their offers.

2. MyDesignDeals


Everybody starts somewhere and then puts a lot of hard work and determination into becoming better at what they do as time goes by. Designers are no exception. The best way for a designer to perfect their craft is by learning all that he or she can from those who have been going at it for longer. MyDesignDeals is the place to check out in order to gain access to resources that will help you in your current projects and teach you new things for your future projects. Browse through their amazing repository of textures, brushes, kick ass design tutorials and more in order to gain more insight into your own craft. All the bundles provided by MyDesignDeals are comprised of only the best design tools and are only available for a limited amount of time. In order to be sure that you’re constantly up to date with the deals, subscribe to MyDesignDeals’s newsletter, you’ll also receive instant access to The Designer Toolbox when you do so and enjoy all its thousands of freebies.  Also make sure to check out one of the most popular deals of all time in The 164 Best Photoshop Styles on the Planet.

3. Logo Design Team


Creating an identity for your business is an essential step towards making it a success. You want people to recognize your website or brand straight off the bat and having a professional logo is the best way to go about it. Logo Design Team is the best service to turn to when you’re looking to create a logo that will leave an everlasting impression in your client’s mind. Logo Design Team will not only create a elegant, memorable logo for your business, they can also help you with a number of other brand identities like Brochures, Banners, Illustrations, Social Media Graphics and more. Their professionalism and dedication to getting a job well done has pushed Logo Design Team into the global market of Custom Logo Design & Graphic Design services. You can rest assured that your brand’s identity is well taken care of in their hands.  What’s more, they’re currently offering a great deal, a 10% discount on all purchases with the use of this coupon code ‘MYD10’. Get it right now.

4. DealJumbo


Here’s what you need to know about DealJumbo: they’ve been on the market for quite some time now and they’ve amassed an impressive repository of both premium bundles and free resources that will cover almost your every need. By browsing through their offer of premium bundles you’ll find that they perfectly supply any design needs you might have. DealJumbo offers bundles that cover a variety of styles and adhere to a number of the hottest trends on the Internet. What’s more, the team is constantly on their toes and is always ready to answer your current and even future needs (check out their website, they’ve already released a Valentine’s Day Graphics bundle). With regards to their freebies section, it hosts a variety of shapes, textures, icons, surfaces, mockups, stock photos and much more. Follow this link and check it out for yourself, you’re bound to find just the thing your latest design has been missing.

5. MaxCDN


If you’re in search for a content delivery network then you can’t go wrong with MaxCDN. This service promises both faster content delivery as well as the means to manage your content easily and safely. By using their MaxArchitecture, the team over at MaxCDN are able to offer you better speeds for the delivery of your content to all devices and regardless of the size of the files you’re looking to transfer. In order to achieve this they use MaxPOPs, MultiPath Network and more. To be able to give you a better overview of your content, MaxCDN gives you MaxControl within which you will be able to make new origin deployments seen immediately, have all changes provisioned automatically, enable and deploy your SSL in real time, a complete automation of your CDN workflow and real time reporting and analytics of your data.  In addition to all of this, MaxResponse offers you technical support for your needs in less than 2 minutes. What are you waiting for?

6. Elegant Themes


For more than 8 years Elegant Themes has focused on producing some of the best themes for WordPress available. With a team of passionate individuals that closely interact with their community and take great care to always listen and try to satisfy their needs as well as possible, Elegant Themes has become a extremely respected name. Divi is probably their most successful theme to date and it’s not without good reason. Divi is both flexible and incredibly easy to use. The Divi Builder allows you to visually create your own unique layouts without you having to write a single line of code. This amazing tool allows you to create your website exactly the way you want it. In case you’re not one to start from scratch, Divi also ships out with 18 pre-made layouts that will give you a good starting point and that you can then modify as you see fit. Now’s your chance to get Divi for your website or future projects because Elegant Themes is offering a 20% discount on their Developer subscription, so hurry up and grab the deal right now.

7. AnimatedVideo


Integrating videos into your website is one design trend that you should really consider employing. By using videos you will be able to get your point across to your users easier than ever before. And AnimatedVideo is the team to help you do it. Their expertise ranges from engaging script or illustrative storyboards to soothing videos and engaging animations. What the team over at AnimatedVideo aims to do is understand your business profile and work with you towards creating the best possible videos to suit your needs. They’re well versed in a diverse array of topics like Marketing Videos, Info Videos, Corporate Videos and even Mobile App Videos. What’s more, you are going to be an essential part of the entire creative process and you will be constantly kept up to date with all the processes involved including storyboarding, visual designing and even animation. The best news is still to come though, AnimatedVideo is currently offering a great discount on their services, all you have to do is go to this link, write ‘GETOFFER’ in the ‘About Video’ field and submit your order.

8. Templates-master



All eCommerce website owners aim to increase their revenue along with their conversion rate and if they happen to be running their website on the Magento platform there’s no better way to do it than employing the Fire Checkout extension from Templates Master. This one step checkout extension has it all: it runs with AJAX, giving you increased speed and better user experience, it has a responsive layout optimized for mobile devices, it offers support in 11 languages and it provides you with the means to modify the layouts for both your checkout and checkout success pages seamlessly. By using Fire Checkout you will be able to create a unique experience for each and every customer that visits your store. The Magento Geolocation support feature and the Magento Delivery Date option are sure to make you stand out from the crowd as a store that values its customer’s satisfaction. What’s more, Fire Checkout is fully integrated with some of the most popular payment and delivery methods around, including PayPal, Google Checkout, Royal Mail and more. Take a look at Templates Master’s Fire Checkout and see what it could improve for your website.

9. DesignVitamins


Looking for something to spruce up your designs? On the lookout for an extra shot of vitality for your current projects? Do you need something that will make your design truly amazing? Well, look no further than DesignVitamins. For quite some time now, DesignVitamins has amassed an impressive repository of stock graphics that are guaranteed to aid you in any task you’ve got. Their library currently hosts over 33,000 items and the team over at DesignVitamins is hard at work in order to keep adding 1,000 items to that number monthly. Comprised of young designers looking to create quality resources for their community, DesignVitamins is the place to go for all creative individuals. Whatever need you may have be it for PS brushes, stock vectors, UI elements, backgrounds, textures or even tutorials, rest assured that DesignVitamins can provide you with options at prices that all designers can afford.

10. Inky Deals


Inky Deals is the place to go for some of the best design deals available anywhere. Here is where you’ll find a variety of tools and design resources that will help you take your designs, projects or websites to the next level. Regardless of the product you choose to purchase, Inky Deals offers the best return policy around. They don’t settle for a 100% money back guarantee, they go for 200%, which basically means that you get to keep your purchase and get your money back if you’re not happy with what you got. The team over at Inky Deals likes to keep in close touch with their community and by listening closely to this community they’ve come together with like-minded friends and created a completely free design bundle that comprises over 470 premium resources. And, wait, there’s more, all the resources within this bundle come with royalty license meaning you can use them for both personal and commercial use without any additional fees. Check out their website for more information and even more deals.


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