The Best Resources and Tools to Create a Modern Website or App

Lately, a great part of our lives is spent online or on our phones. Due to this, there are numerous
websites and applications available out there for a variety of platforms. Have you ever wondered how
they’re made?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most useful tools and resources available at the moment that will
help you create a website or application of your own.

1. BeTheme


Muffin Group is one of the best theme makers out there. They have been around for enough time to
know the ins and outs of creating unique, flexible and memorable templates for WordPress. Their
BeTheme multi-purpose WordPress theme comes with over 180 pre-made layouts that have a 1 click
installation and 20 different header styles. In addition to this, they also offer their clients access to the
Muffin Builder and other Visual Composer builders that make creating your own website exactly the way
you want it, easier than ever before. As of their last update, BeTheme runs faster than ever before. It
also comes with one of the most powerful admin panels around. It’s never been this easy to setup and
run your website as it is with BeTheme. And, in case you run into any snags, Muffin Group offers custom
support for all clients through their theme forums and a guaranteed response for any issue you have in
24 hours.

2. Jupiter business WordPress theme


The new Jupiter business WordPress theme is a one-stop-shop solution suitable for a wide range of
businesses that are seeking to build a professional and trustworthy online presence. Having recently
reached a new mile stone (30k+ satisfied customers), this WordPress theme is faster than its
competition and performs flawlessly. What recommends it to almost any type of business out there is its
generous range of templates. Clients can browse and take their pick from more than 50 professional
templates. Jupiter is the only WordPress theme in the market to have a 95+ Google PageSpeed score.
It’s no wonder the theme is used worldwide both by start-ups and large companies and it is the go to
business WordPress theme for many digital agencies around the world. Their customers praise the
around the clock support offered by the team behind Jupiter. They have also testified that this theme
has helped them reach their professional goals: increased conversion rate, more sales and a reduction in
bounce rate. Don’t miss out on the chance to be one of the happy customers.

3. Unsplash


You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, that saying is never more
appropriate than when you’re talking about the images you can find on Unsplash. The pictures offered
by this site are not only beautiful, they are all high resolution and 100% free to use. Every 10 days 10
new images are uploaded and you can copy, reproduce and modify them to your heart’s desire. Check it
out right now and see how these amazing pictures can make your website truly unique.

4. PowerMockup


PowerMockup is an efficient and intuitive way to create screen prototypes for desktop, mobile and web
applications straight from your PowerPoint. Designed especially for Microsoft Office PowerPoint,
PowerMockup is a versatile tool that will enable you to get your job done within minutes. PowerMockup
has a vast collection of elements that include icons that are made from PowerPoint shapes. The best
thing about PowerMockup is how intuitive it is to use. If you are a beginner, you will be able to create a
professional looking presentation from your first try, it’s that easy. Smart Shapes can be used in a variety
of ways and they offer users the advantage of keeping the correct proportions and making quick
changes whenever they want. What is more, the Custom Shapes features allows meticulous users to
create, add and save their very own shapes to the library. To do this, you can select any shape within a
PowerPoint slide, click the “Add shape button” and your custom shape is ready to use again and again
on multiple projects. Try PowerMockup right now and you won’t be disappointed.

5. Swissuplabs


If you are looking for a one stop shop solution to help your business grow, look no further. Swiss Up Labs
will help you achieve your professional objectives with their efficient tools. Enable your business to
reach new heights by using the new modules created for Magento by the Swiss Up Labs team. You’ll find
the most popular Magento extensions are available with Swiss Up Labs. Designed from scratch, the
custom modules are fully optimized to help you boost your sales figures and they are also highly
intuitive. How will the modules be able to help you and your brand? Created with an attractive interface
for your customers, the modules will aid your site gain more exposure, increasing its conversion rate and
enabling it to rank higher in search engines. By using the Magento extensions, customers can take
advantage of years of research into the field and implement this top notch technology into their stores.
Results won’t take long to show up. What is more, the support team guarantees to help customers have
a seamless experience with their purchase.

6. actiTIME


actiTIME enables you to keep tabs on everything you do easily. A clever and highly efficient tool,
actiTIME will make sure you deliver your projects on time and always stick within the budget. Some of
the best key benefits of this time tracking software are flexibility and innovation. actiTIME will perfectly
suit your company’s needs regardless whether you will use this software within a small team of three to
four people or in a large company of five hundred employees, you won’t fail to see its benefits. actiTIME
can be used both on premise or in cloud, making it easy for all team members to access it from
anywhere. Used all over the world by freelancers and big corporations alike, this time tracking software
has more than 9000 happy buyers.

7. actiPLANS


We have the perfect solution for those who are looking for an intuitive planning software to effectively
manage leave requests and schedules. Meet actiPLANS, a powerful tool that combines top-notch
technology with a highly attractive interface. The result? You and your team are enabled to accurately
plan leave time and see who is off today. actiPLANS is a clever tool that is suitable for any company of
any size. Being a cloud software, actiTIME allows you and your colleagues to keep track of leaves and
changes in schedules from anywhere. Say goodbye to boring and endless Excel sheets and welcome this
amazing tool that will keep everything in check within your business.

8. CloudCart


Win 12 months of free online store with CloudCart

Meet CloudCart, the best eCommerce website builder available that guarantees you will create your
very own online store in less than 30 seconds. All you have to do is follow 4 simple steps. First, register
an account and make sure you pick a unique store name. Second, choose a template that best suits you
and makes your online store stand out. Then, third, you add your products in a simple and straight
forward process. And fourth and final, start selling online. It’s that simple. CloudCard will guarantee that
you will have a website that is easy to use for users and easy to administer for you. You won’t be
charged for any transaction, you’ll only need to pay a monthly subscription. And, best of all, you’ll have
access to 24/7 technical support to assist with any issues. Check out CloudCart right now and start your
30-days trial.

9. Wufoo


Creating a personalized form for your website can be tedious, boring work, but trust us, your users will
appreciate it. Besides, Wufoo makes it easier than ever before. Wufoo is a web-based application that
provides you with a simple, intuitive drag and drop UX that will help you put your forms together in no
time. You don’t have to worry about anything more, Wufoo makes sure to create the architecture and
database you need to keep your form up and running. Don’t wait until it’s too late to create a form for
your website, it will help you keep in touch with your users and avoid a lot of issues down the line.

10. Flat Icons


It’s no secret that flat UI design has been one of the most successful designs for websites and
applications ever since it hit the scene some years back. It’s elegant, works seamlessly with almost all
themes and it just plain looks good. This is one of the reasons Flat Icons is such a successful website. It
provides a wide range of icons for different uses and you’re assured to only get the highest quality from
all of their products. The team behind Flat Icons invested a lot of love and passion into creating premium
resources that will help make all your projects stand out. Most of their icons are easily scalable and give
you more flexibility and freedom than ever before. The vector files will let you resize your resources
without any loss of quality whatsoever. Check out their website to see all the icon packages they offer
and don’t forget to take a look at their freebies section for a chance to get the resources you need for


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