The Year of High Expectations – Taking Web Design to the Next Level


The last few years have changed the way we look at website design and resources for web design. Our industry has evolved at a fast pace, by first launching trends, then quickly adopting them as standard procedure, and even unifying them in single powerful solutions.

Take multiple device responsiveness, for instance. You remember how big of a deal it was just a couple of years ago. Well, right now, no self-respecting creative would have it any other way. Besides, type kits have become more accessible for WordPress users who need to stick to small budgets. And these marks of progress hardly begin to cover the whole picture.


2015 – Innovative and challenging

In terms of website design, large image or video backgrounds continue to be intensely sought-for. We can expect to be met with revolutionary techniques for fast-loading image optimization, and responsive re-sizing. Also, consider the role of coding taking a backseat to streamlined design when it comes to professional website creation. Shortcodes are becoming hugely popular. Frankly, it can be stated that the front office has recently been claimed by designers with themes and platforms that generate clean code and provide loads of shortcodes.

2015 is going to raise the bar even higher, as designers are forever looking for solutions that cover as many loose ends as possible. Hence, WordPress themes that are complete with all of the aforementioned capabilities will receive a lot of attention.


The Curious Case of X Theme


If you didn’t kick off WordPress projects with X Theme last year, then you’ll most likely get around to it in the near future. The curious thing about this theme is that it’s a full-option package for web designers, many of whom hurried to voice out their surprise, and firmly label it as the only theme one could possibly need for any sort of project. Thus, a large number of enthusiastic testimonials confirm X Theme’s status as the fastest selling theme of all time over at ThemeForest.

At first glance, Themeco’s offering is instantly recognizable as an exceptionally equipped website theme, but it’s what happens on a deeper analysis that will leave you speechless. It introduces four stand-alone design Stacks. Each Stack answers your various needs differently. Integrity is destined for elegant business websites, Renew emphasizes flat design, whereas Icon has a minimalist edge, and Ethos leaves room for engaging imagery.

Stacks are just the tip of the iceberg. X Theme includes flexible navigation, styling, and layout options, not to mention a set of 40 clever shortcodes, and their newest (and possibly most amazing feature yet), Extensions!


Extensions – WordPress Plugins The Themeco Way


Each unique purchase of the X Theme fires up many website crafting possibilities at a price that’s obscenely modest. The cost of an individual WordPress plugins would normally oscillate between $50 and $200, but the custom extensions that Themeco has developed to work with X cannot be purchased elsewhere, for any price.

Instead, this theme incorporates what would otherwise be an overall investment of $1000, and delivers a pocketful of pricey extensions at your doorstep for FREE: Video Lock (Great for marketers), Disqus, MailChimp integration, and more. All extensionsare extremely easy to use, tweaked to blend in perfectly with X Theme, and don’t weigh down on its performance.

Every time a copy is bought, its owner can access all the available plugins and receives any upcoming ones that will surely be introduced. Even more importantly, the user is going to receive all future updates, without having to secure them manually.


Unique Layouts on the Go

The X Customizer enables you to configure your site in a wonderfully effortless live preview and see what your site layout looks like without switching back and forth from the admin panel (because remember there is no admin panel in X).

Gorgeous Content Slides


It goes without saying that sliders are perfect for showcasing any type of website content. Slider Revolution is a well-known plugin that offers many transitions, effects, and custom animations for you to choose from. And since X Theme is packed with it, you will have no shortage of fine-tuned options in the WYSIWYG slide editor.

You can easily place a caption on sliding images. Simply take your pick from the list of pre-established caption animations, or roll up your sleeves and forge some caption transitions of your own. Slider revolution also makes it OK to decide independently on how animations usher in or usher out your caption.

Fade-and-slide is by far the most traditionally employed slide transition type, yet you’re not confined to it. You may also go for 3D, parallax, and zoom transitions if that’s what you want.


Fancy Marketing Offers


If you’re interested in new ways to present marketing or content offers to the website audience, then Content Dock from X Theme is going to make your day. It basically guarantees that your offers come across as compelling, and not at all cumbersome. Yet, they will only show up on displays that are larger than 767px, since the primary website content would be eclipsed by this extension on smaller displays, or users wouldn’t be able to reach the closing button.

Here’s how you can operate this extension. Activate Content Dock, then navigate to the ‘Appearance’ menu item on your WordPress admin panel. Then, use any widgets labeled Content Dock. The text widget would be an obvious choice, and it also gives you the chance to use Shortcodes. Simple and effective.


Inviting Sign-Up Forms


MailChimp is the declared king of e-mail marketing, right? Well, the fish won’t bite if your bait is no good, so it makes sense to pay extra attention to the finest details of your forms when you’re launching a brand new WordPress website.

X sports an able MailChimp integration, and you know what that means. It’s important to give your website readers a proper opt-in experience, otherwise they may neglect to subscribe for e-mail newsletters. So when you’re moving forward with X Theme, you can rest assured knowing that your sign up forms will look splendid for any occasion.

Customizing fabulous sign-up forms is a breeze, and you can then place them anywhere you like on your X website, with a simple shortcode, widget, or template function.

Monitored Websites


Care to take the pulse of your website usage over time? Of course you do. Google Analytics exists to help you keep an eye on everything with the latest tracking codes and loads of additional data for result pages and error pages. All you need to do is input your code snippet, and then establish the area of your web page where it’s going to be output.

Mind you, the Google Analytics extension from X is tuned to help you deliver accurate statistics via Google’s platform. Should you choose to output in the header section, all website visits are reported back to you. However, if you go for the footer section, then the only logged visits that you will see are those that waited for a full page load.


Looking Forward to New Beginnings?

There’s no telling what the future holds. We’ve all worked with WordPress themes and plugins before, yet X Theme has managed to debunk the practice of using isolated solutions for web design – all in a very limited time frame. Something tells me that the evolution of web design is not going to slow down in 2015, so it’s down to us to keep up with the avalanche of new and improved services or products. Better yet, with a product like X you are also buying into a community that is tens of thousands strong. With an incredibly active forum and members area, customers are treated more like friends than business associates, and their support experience has been labeled by many to be second to none.




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