Want Help With Managing Your Design Business? Try Motiv! (sponsored)

In this day and age, one thing that every business professional complains about is time. Time is of the  essence, and markets are flooding with many time management apps and software. Now, of course different apps are suited for different people, and are intended for different purposes.

But if you are a freelancer and are looking for an app to help speed up your work, then we have a recommendation for you. You should try out Motiv.

Motiv’s aim is to provide services for freelancers and people who run small businesses within the creative industries. Writers, designers, coders, programmers, search engine optimizers and marketers can all benefit from a system that has been well crafted to match their needs.

Some of the important features of the website are as follows:


After you register for an account and log in into Motiv, you will be greeted by a dashboard that gives you a list of all the details you need at a glance. You can see the status of your most recent invoices, or you can easily jump on to create a proposal or contract.

Quotes, Proposals, Contracts and Invoices

Using their free templates, you can create documents for clients for quickly. Just add and remove sections from their provided samples, fill in the blanks where necessary, and send. It automates the process to save the freelancer time.

Time Tracking

Using their time tracking apps, you can monitor every second put into a project, then use that information to create and send invoices. They have a time tracker online, as well as for Windows and OS X.

Expense Tracking

Part of running a business is keeping track of each penny you put into it. From stock subscriptions, to office supplies, to Motiv itself, you can monitor all expenses, attaching receipt images and PDFs to have all of your financial information in one place.

PayPal and Stripe Integration

Accept PayPal and Stripe payments by integrating your accounts with your dashboard. You can check whether a client has paid, postponed or denied a payment, at a glance.

Electronic Signatures

Contracts can be signed electronically, rather than using a third party app for the purpose. It makes the process of handling the final project details a lot faster.

White Label Branding and Custom Domains

With their premium features through the Studio plan, users can brand their page. This includes changing the page colours, removing all mention of Motiv, and sending emails from your business domain. You can also add a custom domain to the page itself.


Motiv helps you monitor the activity of your account in a much simpler way. You can see when a client has commented on a contract. You will receive notifications when a payment is made, or a proposal is approved, postponed or declined. Motiv will even tell you when your content was viewed.


You can add your clients to their client area with up-to-date contact details. This helps you create and send quotes quickly, every time. You can go back and view the project history of the past, old proposals, old bills and other such important information. That way you always know exactly who you are working with, and remain informed of all new proposals and contracts.

Motiv makes it simple to get started on creating a quote or contract after signing up.

When I logged in, the dashboard was displayed as shown below.


As you can see, I clicked on the “Quote” tab to create a new quotation.

Then I was taken to a page where I was supposed to enter the relevant details. After making those entries, the page looked as shown below.


Then when I clicked on the Preview button, the final page of the quote was displayed as shown below.


So you see, I just entered a few details and the rest was taken care of by the system.

Go and check out Motiv and then let me know what you think in the comments below.


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