The 10 Best Tools For Web Development this Autumn

Finding the right tool isn’t always the easiest of tasks. When it comes to tools and resources devoted to web development and graphic or web design, there’s an abundance available. However, not all of them are worth your time, while others could improve the quality of your work tremendously. We’ve taken it upon us to […]

Button connects commercs all around the web

A new startup named Button is meant to connect the growing app economy. Users can study their next action and partnerships can be formed across all venues of commerce. As quoted directly from the Button website: “Button is connecting the growing app economy to help users discover their next action, and help mobile businesses grow. […]

44 Incredible Beta Startups and Webapps for Design Inspiration

The online world of startups has been growing at a rapid pace. It seems like every new founder has some exceptional idea to bring more value onto the Internet. Beta launches are so frequent because it’s a smart method to build a following before actually getting the product out in the open. Plus you can gauge user feedback and determine which areas may need to be touched up before any type of v1 release.

I’ve collected 44 brilliant website homepage layouts focused on startups and web applications. Anybody who is thinking about launching their own project may find some great techniques within this showcase. Especially if you would need launch at a beta stage trying to hook early adopters. Skim through these various examples and see if any design techniques really catch your eye.

tawk to chat im service webapp homepage

Strategies for a Quick Product Launch using WordPress

When building a new project you often need to decide how to handle the backend. Should you build something from scratch, or toy around with a CMS engine? I have preferred using WordPress for many online projects because it provides a repeatable strategy for quick launches with fewer issues.

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In this guide I want to introduce how you can build quick products online powered by WordPress CMS. The open source PHP/MySQL engine started as a blogging platform which has grown to include custom post types and many other advanced features. It can fit into almost any type of website making it flexible and valuable to new projects.

Swift Web Development Techniques for Startup Landing Pages

When launching a new startup online you need to consider the features which will draw attention. Visitors can often be easily distracted when browsing the Internet. So ask yourself what value does your page really offer to the average visitor? Developers should think about these topics from a user experience point-of-view. Then the process of constructing usable website layouts should be a whole lot simpler.

I want to use this article for sharing a few tips and techniques on building startup landing pages. The process is not easy and doesn’t provide any foolproof method. Interesting features will change based on the type of service or product you are selling. But I do not think these generic models are too overbearing after you work out the kinks fitted into each design.

Tips for Building Great Startups with a Small Team

Not all startups will require a large team to get a product online and scale quickly. There are examples of single technical founders or even a team of 2-3 people building the initial frameworks for rapidly advancing Internet startups. You will see this type of startup more commonly in mobile app stores where the barrier to entry and profit margins are very high. But even websites and other startups can thrive in an environment with very few team members.

Boston Massachusetts Startup Tech Weekend - Featured Image

In this article I’d like to delve into the concept of a startup and how to adjust the mindset of your team. It will require dedication from every person and long hours are commonplace in startup environments. But success is all about how you work and your willingness to change what isn’t working. The efficiency of your team will depend on everybody’s ability to communicate and share ideas with each other.