50 High-Quality Adobe InDesign Tutorials

Adobe InDesign is a program used for creating print designs like album covers and books. A while back I wrote about some easy tutorials for beginners. But in this showcase I want to share 50 powerful InDesign tutorials which offer a whole lot more complicated solutions. The best part is that you don’t need to be an expert with InDesign to understand it all! Check out the gallery and see if any tutorials appear interesting. With a bit of work you can learn how to design this stuff quickly and effortlessly.

Image Reflection

adobe indesign cs5 image reflection technique

Multi-Layered Artwork with InDesign

illustrator files multiple layers indesign

Design a Print-Ready Ad

print ready advertisement indesign tutorial

Creating Numbered Tickets

create numbered tickets the easy way indesign

Guide to Stylesheets for InDesign

online guide stylesheets adobe indesign tutorial

Formatting Typography

formatting typography styles indesign tutorial

InDesign Auto-Fit Feature

adobe auto fit graphics indesign cs5 tutorial

Sharing Files with InDesign Library

sharing files design indesign library adobe

Basic Page Numbering

adobe page numbering indesign cs5 tutorial

Batch Replace Characters & Glyphs

batch replace characters glyphs tutorials

Magazine Cover with InDesign and Photoshop

magazine cover tutorial graphics photoshop indesign

Music Magazine Cover

music graphics photoshop indesign cover magazine

Design a Halloween Invitation

holiday halloween invitation tutorial indesign

How To Create a Coupon

coupon tutorial howto indesign

Designing a Basic Letterhead

design a basic letterhead indesign cs5

Working with Rulers and Guides

adobe indesign tutorial rulers guides

InDesign Tables from Excel Spreadsheets

import microsoft excel files into adobe indesign

Create a Professional Magazine Layout

professional magazine layout indesign tutorial

InDesign CS5 Templates

how to use indesign cs5 templates basics

Basic Poster Design

classic adobe indesign poster tutorial

Modern CV/Resumé with InDesign

tutorial how to create cv resume with indesign

Using Master Pages

how to use document master pages indesign

Export Files for Print Services

indesign print quality documents howto

Grids, Guides, and Baselines

grids guides baselines indesign tutorial

Lists, Tabs and Final Details

lists tabs final drafts indesign tutorial

Magazine Design Part 1 of 3

adobe indesign magazine tutorial howto

Design a Business Card

adobe indesign template tutorial business card

Percentage-Based Styles

adobe indesign percentage styles tutorial

Making a “Back to Top” Button

adobe indesign long documents back to top howto

The Ultimate Contact Sheet

ultimate contact sheet indesign tutorial

Conditional Text with InDesign CS4

conditional variable text indesign cs4 tutorial

Setting Up Live Captions

adobe indesign live captions text

Magazine Design Cover

indesign pink tutorial magazine cover howto

Creating iBooks/ePubs with InDesign

epub ibooks indesign tutorial how to

Importing Microsoft Word Files into InDesign

how to import microsoft word indesign documents

The New Document Window Explained

adobe indesign new document window explained

Design a Portfolio Magazine

design portfolio magazine tutorial indesign

InDesign 3D Calendar

3d popout calendar indesign how to design

Speed Up your InDesign Layouts

speedup adobe indesign layouts tutorial

Using InDesign Blending Modes

adobe indesign images blending modes

Distinctive Monotone Layouts

adobe indesign monotone layout tutorial

Create Newsprint Publication

create newsprint publication how to tutorial

Books for Multi-Doc Projects

adobe indesign books for multiple documents

Design a Simple Index

adobe indesign tutorial index howto create

Multi-Page Magazine Feature

multi paged magazine indesign tutorial

Work Style Magic with InDesign

adobe indesign stylesheet magic tutorial

Glyphs for a Typographic Poster

design adobe indesign tutorial poster

Convert Print Docs to Digital

convert indesign documents to ipad digital epub

Make Use of Grids

adobe indesign typographic layouts grids howto

Preparing Templates

tutorial how to plan templates adobe indesign

Stephen Snell is the owner and editor of Vandelay Design, a popular design blog.
  1. September 21, 2009

    Wow thanks for including so many of my InDesign tutorials here Steven! Very cool! 🙂

    There are some other techniques that I haven’t explored yet in these others, so I will have to check them out. It’s always fun to me to learn new things in one of my favorite programs.

  2. September 22, 2009

    Awesome, I was just looking for a CV design, thanks..

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  4. September 22, 2009

    Very helpful…so many new things to try out!

  5. September 22, 2009

    Very nice post. I enjoyed the second one about the printing brochure the most!

  6. September 22, 2009

    Nice Round-up!
    Thank you!

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  11. September 23, 2009

    Thanks a bunch for this compilation. Good resources here.

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  19. October 31, 2009

    looking 4 that !

  20. August 4, 2010

    0 High-Quality InDesign Tutorial

  21. November 28, 2010

    Always something new to discover!

  22. magicewok
    March 1, 2011

    I wish I could download all this knowledge into my head in a zip file….. just great all the skills I’ve been looking for – thanx

  23. March 3, 2011

    Great stuff! Even after working with InDesign for years, there’s much more I can learn from these. THANK YOU.

  24. March 12, 2011

    Thanks for posting this… I recently discovered the joy of InDesign and it’s awesome to find these!!! :).

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    You can find our tutorial here: http://www.webcoursesbangkok.com/blog/business-card-design-indesign/

  26. April 6, 2011

    thank for sharing^^
    it’s very useful for my job
    I’ll try it now

  27. April 19, 2011

    Excellent tutorial!It is really helpful and many new things to try out.

  28. We are happy to say we featured your site on our blog. http://www.webcoursesbangkok.com/blog/graphic-design/indesign-tutorials/

  29. Great tutorial Steven. thank you so much share this great post.

  30. May 16, 2011

    I only recently started working with InDesign and these tutorials will be great to learn some new techniques when using the program. Great post!

  31. July 3, 2011

    Wonderful collection!

  32. Brilliant tutorial Steven, This tutorial more helpful for me, thnks for share this great post.

  33. Hunter Steel
    July 15, 2015


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