Building an Elegant Tooltip Dropdown Menu Powered by jQuery

Within the jQuery library it’s possible to create some fantastic effects. These can enhance the overall user experience dramatically and often work hand-in-hand with new CSS3 and HTML5 techniques. As the field of web design has evolved, prominent new techniques have evolved as well.

Below I’ve gone into depth over the process for creating a fantastic navigation menu with tooltips. Each is dynamically generated to hold a small bit of information about the currently targeted link. We’re working with the newest jQuery 1.6.x library and jQuery colortips from Tutorialzine.

There are three (3) major steps to breaking down our code. The first is raw HTML which displays our demo page mockup and how to implement a similar navigation system on your own website. Second we must utilize CSS styles to create our tooltip boxes and pointers. And lastly we must integrate with jQuery and the colortips library to figure out how we should call each tooltip.

demo of tooltip menu tutorial

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Create a Cool Text Effect in Photoshop With a Single Texture

There’s no doubt that you can create some stunning effects in Photoshop, but it doesn’t all have to be really complicated. In fact, there are all kinds of interesting things that you can do really easily. In this tutorial, I want to show you how you can use a single, grungy texture to bring a really interesting treatment to a typographic design.

To start off, we’re going to need a texture. I’m going to be using this one from the Mega Textures Pack that I released over on the Echo Enduring Blog:

Echo Enduring Texture

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Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool

I think that, like me, a lot of people out there actually learn most of what they know about Photoshop by teaching themselves. Even if you do take a class, it will likely focus on the basics, and just won’t have the scope to dig into all of the finer details of the application. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this, and I think that the best way to learn anything is to get your hands dirty and dig into it yourself.

Recently, however, I was at a Photoshop seminar in which the instructor, Dave Cross, was discussing this very thing. He said that there is one significant problem with being a self-taught Photoshop user, and that that problem was the teacher. The comment was perhaps somewhat tongue-in-cheek, and intended to draw a chuckle from us, but there’s definitely some truth to it.

To take another of Cross’ lines: would you trust a “self-taught” surgeon?

Anyhow, this idea became apparent to me just over a year ago, during a discussion with a friend with whom I regularly share tips and suggestions for using Photoshop. Though I cannot recall his exact phrasing, he basically asked me what I thought of the Clone Stamp tool, and whether it was something worth using.

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Useful WordPress Template Tags for Theme Development

Template tags can be used in your wordpress theme to display information dynamically or retrieving information about your wordpress blog. In this post we will show you some easy and useful wordpress template tag that you can use in your theme.

Template tags are codes that instructs wordpress “get” something/information for example to getting your wordpress blog description, title, category. The great part of using template tags is you can avoid using plugins, which can certainly make your website faster. Before we get started you should have the basic knoweldge of PHP, since wordpress is built on it. Also, just to make sure you must wrap all with codes with <?php (all codes here) ?> .

Listing Wordpress Categories

This tag is used to retrieve all the categories in your blog. You can also pass different parameters to exclude some categories or other functions. The simplest way to pull your category is :
[cc escaped=”true”]

The result you will get it is

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