40+ Tutorials for Working with Wacom Tablets

Wacom tablets allow graphic designers to extend their abilities. If you’re like me and you’re interested in learning more about working with Wacom tablets, there are plenty of tutorials available. This post features more than 40 such tutorials, including a number of video tutorials. Some deal with the basics of Wacom tablets and getting them setup correctly, while others demonstrate more advanced usage. Additionally, some of the tutorials could be completed without a tablet, but the author uses one for at least portions of the tutorial.

Video Series by Richard Bazley:

Richard Bazley has done an excellent five-part series of video tutorials for working with a wacom tablet. The series includes information on absolute positioning, developing your own style, input devices, pressure sensitivity, and tool configurations. All of the videos are short, less than 3 minutes, so you can easily go through the full series consecutively.

Tutorials from Roberto Campus:

Roberto Campus provides a number of useful articles and tutorials for Wacom users.

Choosing the Right Wacom Tablet

If you’re considering purchasing a Wacom, this is a great article to read. Roberto covers a variety of things that you should consider and shares from his extensive experience.

Creating the “Mad Scientist” Trading Card Illustration

Painting a Digital Portrait

Wonder Woman Pin Up Digital Painting

Tutorials from Go Media:

Go Media provides a few helpful video tutorials for working with a Wacom tablet.

Draw an Old-World Style Tattered Scroll from Scratch (video)

Thia is a time lapse video for drawing a old-world scroll. The scroll is drawn in Photoshop and then imported into Illustrator.

Draw a Skull with a Wacom Tablet (video)

This is another time lapse video. Jeff Finley creates a skull in Photoshop by tracing over a photo with his Wacom.

Tutorial from Kevin Hulsey:

Wacom Drawing Tablet Tutorial – Kevin Hulsey

Kevin Hulsey has written a thorough tutorial that is especially useful for those who are new to Wacom tablets. In this article he covers the topics of the tablet-to-screen ratio, tip pressure, pen angle, and macro pen button settings, with lots of screen shots to help you along the way.

Tutorials from EyesOnTutorials:

EyesOnTutorials provides a number of tutorials that involve the use of a Wacom tablet. In most cases these could also be done without the tablet, but the author is using one to create the end result and your work will most likely be easier if you’re also using one.

Character Concept Art Illustration

Drawing and Graphic Art

Photo Retouching

Fast Hair

How to Draw a Cartoon Character

An Alien Monster

Photoshop Painting and Shape Techniques

Video Tutorials:

There are a variety of video tutorials available for working with Wacom tablets. Video tutorials can be espically helpful if you’re just starting to learn to work with the tablet, since you can get a better sense of how the author is actually using the tablet. Here are some recommended videos.

Photoshop/Wacom Tutorial

Working With A Wacom Tablet To Create A Collage In Photoshop CS3

From Sketch to Linear Art

Inking in Illustrator and Painting in Photoshop – Parts 1 and 2

How to Draw Realistic Eyes

How to Draw a Realistic Mouth

Extract and Hair Tutorial

Tablet and Pen Pressure

Comic Making in Digital

The Basics of Working with Wacom Tablets:

These are great resources for all the basics of using tablets and getting set up properly.

Setting Up a Wacom Tablet

How to Set Up Your Wacom for Awesome Results

How to Use a Wacom Tablet (for Illustrator – pressure sensitivity)

Setting Up a Wacom Tablet for Use with Photoshop CS3 and Painter X

Photoshop Wacom Tips (multiple tutorials)

Wacom Settings in Illustrator

Wacom Pen Tablets and Photoshop CS4

Painting with a Wacom Tablet in Illustrator

Other Tutorials:

Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Tutorial with a Wacom Tablet

Mascot Design in Real Time Order – The SOSFactory Way

Digital Painting Tutorial

How to Make a Digital Painting

Realism Tutorial

Photoshop Lineart Colouring Tutorial

Digital Coloring Tutorial (See also: part two and part three)

Hair Painting Tutorial

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